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Cecilia Peartree

Mystery writer by night, database manager by day

Cecilia Peartree is the mystery writing pen-name of a suburban database manager. She works as a database manager in an arts organisation in Edinburgh.

Cecilia writes the Pitkirtly series of mystery novels, set in a small town in Fife, with occasional forays into other genres.

All her first drafts are done during NaNoWriMo and its offshoots. She belongs to a writing group called NaNoBeans.

When she isn't working or writing, Cecilia helps with props for an amateur theatre group...

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Latest Drabble

Night Terrors

1 am - Where's Felix? I hope he isn't still outside. Should I go and have a look?... Mmm, maybe later.

2 am - I can't feel my legs! I've had a stroke!... Felix, get off me!

3 am -There's somebody in the room - I can hear him snuffling and wheezing and - Felix, if you're going to throw up, get away from me.

4 am - The house is falling on my head!.. No, wait, it's just that box of stuff from the top of - Felix! Come down!

8.30 am - It can't be that time already. Felix! Why didn't you wake me?


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