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C. Attleya

Science fiction and fantasy, for all ages

The author C. Attleya lives in the garden of England where she writes her science fiction and fantasy novels. Her love for this beautiful county shines through in her A new beginning novels.

C. Attleya is notoriously unsociable, however if you would like to contact her, then she invites you to do so at

Rumours that C. Attleya has moved to Newfoundland to write and find inspiration for the parallel A flying Start novels, cannot be confirmed or denied at this...

Latest Drabble


I was startled, but the intruder was harmless, only an acorn. I held it like a baby and imagined its little heart beating rapidly, distressed by its adventure. I nurtured it through the shortening days of autumn, and it grew taller. Sounds invaded my home, as Carnelian started to babble. Tears of joy filled my eyes when she uttered her first words: “You’ll be safe.” She begged me to keep her secret, until she was ready to find her friends. Days grew longer, and Carnelian grew stronger. Carnelian kept her promise. Today, human domination ceased, and the Quercusian age begins.

Posted in the thread
28.09.2018 11:45

Posted in the thread Misspelled author's name.

Dear reader,

I was very pleased to see my drabble published in your newsletter today.

Regrettably you misspelled my name.

Could you please correct this?

Kind regards,

C. Attleya (not C. Atteya)