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L M Barrett




Tim, her husband, kissed her goodbye and said he loved her. He had a long drive on the motorway to attend a meeting in Edinburgh.

She knew full well what this ‘meeting’ was: a dirty weekend with his young secretary. Did he take her for a fool?

She heard Tim’s phone beep. He'd forgotten it. It was a message from Tim's boss. He was running late so start the meeting without him, the clients were important and he didn't want to keep them waiting.

So it was a business meeting after all.

Damn, she shouldn't have messed with his brakes.

Attention Seeker

It was Ella’s time to shine. She wanted all eyes on her. Dressed in her best outfit and singing her favourite song, she captivated everyone in the room with her talent and beauty. During the round of applause, Ella took a bow to her fans, beaming a big smile. They loved her.

“Come on, Ella, time to go.'

“No!' she shrieked. “They want more.'

“Let them rest, it's nap time.'

“Bye, Granny. I'll sing again next time,' she promised as her parents led her away from the retirement home.

Probably for the best, as Ella had just pooped her nappy.


Peter checked his community Facebook page. A garish sofa was for sale.

'You expect someone to pay for that?' he typed. Click.

Further down the page, someone wanted opening times for a shop.

'Google it, stupid.' Click.

Next, a positive recommendation for a restaurant including a family photo.

'No one cares and we don't want to see your ugly children.' Click.

A knock at the door interrupted his work. He shut his laptop.

“Father Peter, it's time for mass. Your congregation is waiting.'

Peter was looking forward to preaching his sermon today. It was on the evils of social media.

The Stalker

Holly was heading home from the bus stop. She felt nervous being alone when it was so dark.

As she walked along the deserted streets, she sensed someone behind her. She turned her head slightly and saw a tall figure.

She quickened her pace and so did the shadowy figure. Her heart pounded as she broke into a run.

The man caught up with her and tugged on her shoulder. Holly couldn't breathe as she turned around.

“Take your headphones out! Why are you running away? Dad sent me to walk you back from the bus stop,' said her brother.

Bad Mum

It had been a long day. They had moved house and were surrounded by boxes. It was bedtime for three year old Daisy. A tired mum asked her to brush her teeth. Daisy did so but instantly began spitting it out, complaining about the horrible taste.

“Stop making a fuss. I can't find the kids’ toothpaste so use the grown-up toothpaste tonight,' insisted Mum. She brushed her crying daughter’s teeth, ignoring her complaints.

She put Daisy to bed and went to the bathroom to brush her own teeth. She picked up the tube and saw it was hair-removal cream.

The Secret

Her best friend called to warn her. It had finally happened. The day she had dreaded for years. The day her colleagues and friends would find out her secret.

Only her best friend and family knew. She had sworn them to secrecy. Not even her handsome twenty-nine year old boyfriend knew, nor her co-workers at the fashion magazine. They wouldn't understand.

There was nothing she could do as she made her way home to face the music. She took a deep breath as she opened the door.

“Surprise!' everyone shouted.

She stood looking at that awful banner: 'Happy 40th Birthday'.