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Andy Futuro

Spartan. Holy man. Sex icon.

Andy is a writer. He lives worldwide, sleeping in tents, hostels, and on the couches of newly made friends. He enjoys hiking and the outdoors. Most of what he owns fits in a backpack.

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Latest Drabble

Coffee Time

My favorite time of day is my morning coffee. *I cannot possibly do work,* I say to myself. *I am still drinking my coffee.* I check Facebook and see who's getting fat. I browse the papers and nod or shake my head at far-away irrelevancies. When the cup goes low I refill.

Now I am vibrating. My fingers shake. I type out "ssssoorrrryy iiiiiii ccaaannttt ccccoooommmeee innnnnnn" in an email to my boss. More coffee—I vibrate faster. I hope the vibration of my atoms will synchronize with the throbbing of the universe and I will master time itself.

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22.07.2015 15:43

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