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Alex Roddie

Writer of historical fiction with an adventurous theme

Alex Roddie is a writer of historical fiction inspired by the mountain heritage of Britain and the Alps. After studying Computing Science at UEA Norwich, he graduated in 2008 and escaped to the hills, living and working in Glencoe until 2011.

In 2009 he established the successful mountaineering blog, Glencoe Mountaineer, which now provides inspiring stories from the peaks of Scotland under the editorship of his brother James. He climbed extensively while living in the Highland and...

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Latest Drabble

Second Flight

Something moves in the abyss.

Rocks fall, echoing from one vertical plane to the next. A raven takes wing from his perch and floats on the updraught, head darting side to side, eyes capturing the movement far beneath. Flecks of snow drift down on the crystal air.

Looking down from the ledge, unfathomable depths are mine alone. John is long gone, set loose by my flight from the upper flake crack. I coil the rope and wait.

A harsh sound disturbs my calm: helicopter. It comes for me but I don't want it. This peace is mine alone.


Rosen Trevithick
Matthew Drzymala
Ken Magee
Jonathan Hill
Jenny Worstall
Michael Brookes

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