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05.05.2016 07:46

Posted in the thread Which authors and genres would you like to see more of on

I think we should have new authors

21.04.2016 07:02

Posted in the thread Fascination with Ancient Egypt

I am really gutted. I did Rome last year and wanted to do Egypt this year. With all of the troubles at the moment I wouldn't feel safe going, on a real downer over this.

21.04.2016 06:59

Posted in the thread The Red Harlequin Fantasy Series

Hope it is still this price, may go take a look, thanks

21.04.2016 06:58

Posted in the thread any recommendations for books

Hi Bookworm

I see you got no replies. Did you go on holiday already and find a good book to read.

I think I have similar interests

21.04.2016 06:53

Posted in the thread Welcome


01.04.2016 14:37

Posted in the thread Welcome

great idea, hi all :)

01.04.2016 14:33

Posted in the thread anyone heard of this author?

i ordered them anyway:) havent had chance to start them yet though!

11.03.2016 16:01

Posted in the thread Have you read any of the SpaSpa winning books?

ahh right, thankyou

02.02.2016 15:15

Posted in the thread any recommendations for books

hey guys, im looking for a few new books to read when i go on holiday, i love my murder mysteries so love authors such as agatha christie, patricia cornwall and dorathy L sayers.

can anyone recommend any new authors who specialise in...

20.01.2016 10:34

Posted in the thread Favourite Author?

So who is your favourite author and why? I am looking for some inspiration as to someone new to follow and I like biography and factual books best.

14.01.2016 11:50

Posted in the thread Have you read any of the SpaSpa winning books?

What are the SpaSpa awards Rosen?