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The Christian Meditation Journal: Create a transformative meditation practice & life-changing morning routine.

The Christian Medita on 06.10.2019 17:57

Cover: [cover]0964100819[/cover]

Since 2012, the number of adults meditating more than doubled with 35 million Americans saying they have either meditated or practiced yoga at least once in the last year, according to a 2017 CDC study. In fact, it’s one of Americans’ most popular health trends. However, what has been the popularity of meditation amongst Christians who in the past feared meditation as a new age practice that called for emptying their minds or worshiping false gods?

In the last 10 years, meditation amongst Christians has also skyrocketed with some Christian meditation apps boasting thousands, even millions of subscribers, and guided Christian meditations filling YouTube channels for everything from reducing stress, maintaining peace of mind, and resting in God’s presence.

For Author Rhonda Jones, it was meditation integrated with scripture that helped Jones overcome years of a deep depression. “I basically stumbled upon meditation,” said Jones, “and after using meditation to heal my depression wanted to teach it in a way that Christians could embrace.”

Now Jones is introducing her new book, The Christian Meditation Journal, to help Christians learn how to meditate effectively and with purpose in daily easy lessons and prompts. Discover the keys to mental, spiritual, and emotional wholeness in this step-by-step guide to Christian meditation.

In just a few minutes each day, The Christian Meditation Journal teaches you how to train your mind to focus, increase your self-awareness, think and feel better. You are as healthy as your thoughts! Amazon Link: Order Now

Last edited: 06.10.2019 17:58

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