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Am I waiting in vain?

MaggieCobbett on 08.04.2019 21:32

As a hopeful newbie to this site, I put in a request over a week ago for a feature and it appears to be still 'pending'. Is this usual or did I make a mistake somewhere along the line?

MaggieCobbett on 10.04.2019 14:06

Status updated to 'not featured'. Is it worth trying again? Some feedback would be very much appreciated.

Ann P on 14.04.2019 20:39
Ann P

Maggie, this happened to me at the end of February, and I too wondered if I was doing something wrong. I did ask (via email) but have realised since that correspondence isn't entered into.

I notice that the number of books featured has dropped dramatically lately. I do hope Book Hippo is not sinking. I have previously found BH very useful, both as a reader and a writer.

MaggieCobbett on 14.04.2019 22:54

Thank you for responding, Ann P. I was starting to think that my query had disappeared into a black hole. Writer friends of mine who've been successful on Book Hippo encouraged me to give it a go and, like you, I hope that it isn't in decline.

RachaelR on 15.04.2019 13:20

Do try again. They don't always feature a book when you ask, but I have found that whenever one of my books is featured I always get sales. In fact it's often the only time I get sales! Lol. BookHippo is an excellent site, or so I've found.

MaggieCobbett on 15.04.2019 20:47

Thank you, RachaelR. I'm not one to give up easily and have already put in another request. Fingers crossed!

MaggieCobbett on 16.04.2019 14:25

Faith restored! I'm on today's featured author list and over the moon about it. That particular book (Workhouse Orphan) is very close to my heart because it was inspired by someone way back in my family tree; someone I really wish I'd known.

Rosen Trevithick on 19.04.2019 19:46
Rosen Trevithick

Newsletters are compiled just before they're sent, so we don't know in advance what will be featured and what won't.

We have no plans to give feedback on individual submissions because whenever we've touched upon this in the past, it's resulted in chaos.

The reason the number of books featured has dropped is that there's a problem with the feed of offers we used to get sent from Amazon. It hasn't negatively affected the proportion of user submitted books that get through. If anything we are accepting more to compensate.

MaggieCobbett on 20.04.2019 09:15

That's good to know, Rosen. Thank you for the information.

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