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AnnelisaChristensen on 25.11.2018 11:49

In my laptop the website works fine, but in mobile view, I can’t respond or do certain things because pressing a button either doesn’t work or (as in just now when I tried to contribute to a Drabble discussion), the ‘reply’buttin was covered by the text I believe is normally underneath the box. Do you can’t get to the actual button as all you do is highlight the text. (I have an iphone if that’s at all helpful to tech).


Ps really enjoying the Drabbles

Last edited: 25.11.2018 11:50

Rosen Trevithick on 27.11.2018 08:44
Rosen Trevithick

There are known issues with the site on iPhone and iPad. Really sorry but we have no plans to fix them in the immediate future. Do you have access to another device?

AnnelisaChristensen on 29.11.2018 11:17

Yes, thanks. It's just that the phone is the usual method of access. No worries, except that when I read my mail, I would normally respond straight from there. By the time 'later' comes, I often forget what I was going to respond to, so interaction on the website is much reduced. If I have the problem, I'm sure many will have. Probably reduces the social interaction quite a bit...

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