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system is ready to send emails to hundreds

Bookworm11828 on 25.07.2017 13:06

the system is ready to send emails to hundreds of thousands of recipients everyday, as well as reaching the same number again on Facebook.

The website is ready, but the bank balance isn't.

One of the major online book promoters collects thousands of pounds every week, which they use to expand. On the one hand, I'm delighted that there's a service that can get sales for authors on such a large scale. On the other hand, I'm frustrated because they take such an enormous share of authors' royalties.

Some of the bigger sites use cloaking techniques so that they can illegally obtain commissions from Amazon. It's against Amazon's T&Cs to use an affiliate link in an email, but some well-known sites do it every day, by using redirects.

Rosen Trevithick on 25.07.2017 16:15
Rosen Trevithick

Thanks for this message. It feels as though perhaps its beginning has been missed off. What's the context, please?

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