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A note on rudeness

Rosen Trevithick on 23.10.2016 13:11
Rosen Trevithick

Over the last few months we've seen an increasing number of rude emails. Typically, these are from authors who feel their book deserved to be featured, but wasn't.

Whilst we welcome constructive feedback, we don't welcome swearing, being told we'll live to regret passing up the chance to feature a literary masterpiece, or being told we don't do enough to help struggling authors. is a non-profit website run by volunteers. Although we are hoping it may one day become a profitable business, we have invested significantly more time and money than we have gained in commissions, since we launched in 2012.

Furthermore, we make more profit from the mainstream books we pull from Amazon, than the user submitted indie books, so the only advantage we get from user submissions is the satisfaction of helping others.

Unlike many, many eBook promotion services, we don't charge authors to be featured.

This means that featuring your book is a favour - something we do in our own time to help you. Although we try to feature as many deserving books as we can, nobody is entitled to be featured.

That said, we have taken care to make the selection process as fair as possible, and made it as transparent as we can. (See How to Get Featured on

Nothing makes it harder for us to decide against featuring a book, than a rude, demanding email from its author.

If you want to submit critical feedback, please do so in a polite manner.



Last edited: 23.10.2016 14:15

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