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Archived Thread

How to get correct name on Author Profile?

ABEhrhardt on 08.06.2016 21:33

My name is Alicia Butcher Ehrhardt. I use the whole name on my book(s), and would like to do so when I write Drabbles, too.

But I wasn't allowed/didn't figure out how to put my whole name in when I created the account, so I don't think it knows the whole name when I write a Drabble.

I would like my user profile AND author profile to have my full name, but will settle happily for the author profile having it.

Thank you - I couldn't figure out how to change it myself; edit author profile doesn't seem to exist.

[For personal reasons, I particularly hate 'Alicia Ehrhardt,' though I'm forced to use that in many places. My books will always be published with my full name.]

Rosen Trevithick on 29.06.2016 17:15
Rosen Trevithick

If there is no 'Edit your author profile' link under settings, you need to create one.

Go to 'Settings' > 'Edit user details' > 'Add Profile Sections' > 'Add Author'

ABEhrhardt on 02.07.2016 15:38

Thank you! All up to date now. I've just posted another Drabble. If what I did works, and you publish the Drabble, I'll know.

ABEhrhardt on 14.07.2016 12:56

It worked. Thanks. I'm enjoying thinking small.

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