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The Belgae Torc

The Belgae TorcThis thread relates to the book
The Belgae Torc
by Kevin Marsh

Kevin Marsh on 06.08.2015 09:14
Kevin Marsh

The Belgae Torc is an action adventure novel which starts in the Iron Age. This sets the scene for the book and the others in the series. This book is the first part of a trilogy. I did not start out with a trilogy in mind; it just developed as the plot unfolded.

I have some very strong characters who felt that one book did not do them justice.

There are references to WWII history, especially German interests in the power of ancient artefacts.

I really enjoyed researching and writing the books in The Torc Trilogy, however the third book is underway at the moment and at times I am finding it a struggle to complete for one reason or another.

Rosen Trevithick on 06.08.2015 11:13
Rosen Trevithick

Welcome to the forum, and thanks for adding additional information about your book.

P.S. I've deleted the duplicate thread, as requested.

Kevin Marsh on 10.08.2015 12:32
Kevin Marsh

Part One

The Dawning

Take from thy neighbour that which is not yours and thou shalt reap the consequences for all eternity

This quote sets up The Belgae Torc perfectly. Part one takes us back in time to the Iron Age where powerful forces are at work; these influence the rest of the story.

The torc is a beautiful artefact, a symbol of wealth and power fashioned in an ancient forge, but it was cursed even before it was made.

Why was the torc cursed in the first place and how does this influence modern day?

The Belgae Torc is available on Amazon as a kindle download for just 99p ($1.55).

This offer is available throughout August so pick up your copy today.

Thank you to those who have already bought a copy and I look forward to your review.

Happy Reading.

Last edited: 10.08.2015 12:36

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