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Recent Drabbles - Page 2

Blue Jay Way

Fog in the park, cloaking our affair.

“But not for long,” he has promised me.

He’s never as late as this. I check my phone. “Don’t call me, ever,” he said. “My wife will know.”

I wait as mist swirls and music sings in my head:

"There’s a fog upon LA

And my friend has lost his way."

I’ve always dreaded this would happen: he’s not coming.

I shiver in the cold as I turn to go.

"Please don’t be long," the music continues. "Don’t you be very long."

A footstep, a shadow and I see him. My heart sings.

Why Write That?

Why had he written such a horrible little story about her like that? Magnifying her foibles to that extent, it had been a horrific caricature of who she was. When she read it she had burst into tears, the feelings of upset and betrayal were impossible to keep inside.

Then she had an idea. She tore around the house finding all of his writing, all of his well-loved documents, and she sat and waited for him to come through the door. He stood there in shock as she ripped his life’s work to shreds in front of him.

Aah, justice!

Kev Neylon Merits

6 most prolific1 most esteemed16 top drabble5 top drabblist

Doom and Groom

He awoke with a sense of dread. Another wedding. It seemed that there was one every other weekend. He supposed it was his age, his friends were all starting to settle down. It wasn’t as if he was against this, far from it, it was just there was a certain rigmarole attached to weddings. The traditional church service, present in most marriages, was rigid and did not allow for any unique features.

With a certain reluctance, he arose from the bed. He would have to get moving, he did not want to be late, especially as he was the groom.


She heard the car pull up. “Oh God, he’s home! Wake up, get out, wake up, come on, out quick!”

He grunted and turned over, looking at her with sleepy but loving eyes.

“No, you’ve got to go, now!”

She all but threw him out the back door, locked it behind her and ran up the stairs. She jumped back into bed, pretending to be asleep.

She heard him climb the stairs, cursing, sneezing and coughing.

“You’ve had him in here again, haven’t you?” he shouted. “I asked you not to have that dog in the bedroom, I have allergies!”

Laurie Benton Merits

12 top drabblist

A Novel Idea

An avid reader of many genres and authors, June longed to write herself. Attending a creative writing course had only cemented that desire. She dreamed of being published, imagining her books on many shelves.

80,000 words was roughly the length required for a novel, she had learned. That was 219 words per day, if she allowed herself a year to write. Easily achievable – 219 words was nothing. She opened her laptop and started to type. Excited, she thought of holding her complete manuscript.

After two hours June stared, frustrated, at the screen. The single word ‘Prologue’ stared back at her.

Show Biz

The reflection in the back-lit dressing room mirror did not please her. Despite the administrations of the make-up guy, she thought she looked prematurely aged, wrinkled and sallow. Not surprising after the devastating news. James had found someone else – a younger ‘model’, of course. It always was. She hated him and his new ‘friend’ and she hated herself. Sleep deprivation and catty remarks from fellow thespians had not helped.

“One minute, Miss Langley!”

The show must go on. She could hear the M.C. doing his warm-up routine.

“Without further ado, a warm welcome for your host of ‘Perfect Partners’, Miss…”

Andrew Atkinson Merits

17 most prolific16 most esteemed

The Wedding

Friends and family packed into the small church for the wedding of my brother and his fiancée on a beautifully sunny day in June.

The bride looked radiant as she walked down the aisle on her father's arm, supported by her bridesmaids. Everyone was smiling.

Then, rather like the orchestra players in Haydn's Farewell Symphony, the congregation began to slowly leave the church until there was only the vicar left, wondering what was happening.

Next time, if there is one, that I am asked to be the Best Man, I will avoid eating mushy peas the night before the wedding.

Technical Issues

He’s not the most tech-savvy person on the planet. The reason – he thinks – that Sonia left him is because she was always complaining that their friends had this machine or that appliance, while they lived in the dark ages. He’d show her.

The box had been delivered that morning and now sat on the kitchen table. With some trepidation, he opened it and unpacked the contents. Wires, a remote – but no instruction manual!

He plugged the unit into the mains socket and pushed a red button.

“And coming up at 9.30, it’s Ken Bruce.”

That’s radio conquered. She’d be back.

Andrew Atkinson Merits

17 most prolific16 most esteemed

Autumn Morning

There is a real sense of summer ending this morning; the air is fresher and a pale watery sun rises above a low, hazy mist hanging over the stubble fields. The bramble bushes are heavy with berries, their branches sparkling with spiderweb strings of dew pearls. Around me I can see the leaves beginning to colour, those most exposed to the cooler evenings already turning golden. Seeing the rowanberries like rubies, a source of food for birds for the coming winter, something rises within me: a feeling of elation and I know it is the simple changing of the seasons.

All The World's Problems

“I’m particularly worried about the worldwide increase in geopolitical tensions. For a start, there’s North Korea, with its nuclear capabilities. That’s a real threat. Then there’s Iraq and Libya. And what’s Iran playing at? Or Burma, or whatever it’s called now? That Trump fellah is a bit of a loose cannon if you ask me. Where’s this Brexit business taking us? And don’t get me started on refugee flows and terrorist threats. Global warming’s another concern.”

He sighed heavily and put his beer down. “What do you reckon?”

“I’m wondering how ‘The Scamp’ did in the 2.30 at Kempton Park.”

Andrew Atkinson Merits

17 most prolific16 most esteemed

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