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No More Drabbles

A year ago, I didn’t know what a drabble was. Then I wrote one, then another, and so on as I challenged myself to write one drabble a day for a year.

Some were personal, some were trivial and some were observations on the idiosyncrasies of my life. Quite a few were submitted for the daily drabble. A number were published, some got rejected, some were well-received and others weren’t.

The year is now up, and this is drabble number three hundred and sixty-six. My last one ever.

It’s time for me to concentrate on finishing writing my books.

Kev Neylon Merits

5 most prolific1 most esteemed16 top drabble5 top drabblist

Court Order

Thrang The Almighty glared down from his bejewelled throne and spake thus to his attendant courtiers.

“Why hast thou not done as I commanded? Didst I not order the fatted calf to be brought forward? And my golden chalice is empty of wine.”

The bravest of his lieutenants stepped forth. “Lord of all lords, such is the displeasure of the gods that they have poisoned our animals and our wine. There is little left in the palace to eat or drink.”

Thrang pulled his magnificent robes tighter and rose to his feet.

“We’d better go out for a pizza, then.”

Andrew Atkinson Merits

13 most prolific6 most esteemed20 top drabblist

The End Of Time

She never heard the captain draw his sword. The first she knew was when she found herself looking up at her own body sat in the chair, from the vantage point of the floor where her head landed.

The captain was pouring fuel over her head and body. She found herself unable to speak or to stop what was happening. The flames took hold of her, searing the skin from her frame and reducing her to ash. It didn’t hurt as she expected it to, she just felt her spirit leaving her charred remains.

She was a vampire no more.

Kev Neylon Merits

5 most prolific1 most esteemed16 top drabble5 top drabblist

Had One's Chips

The ginnel at the side of me mam’s house in Balaclava Terrace acts as a shortcut to the chippy in the still-cobbled Mafeking Street. That night, I was chomping on my F & C (with scraps, of course) and I had a wrapped haddock for Mam, but I was not expecting to find a dead body blocking my access up the passageway.

The coppers and medics who turned up talked of a slit throat and there was blood everywhere. There was a terrible smell, so I guess the body may have evacuated unspecified fluids.

Almost put me off me chips.

Andrew Atkinson Merits

13 most prolific6 most esteemed20 top drabblist

The Argument

Two men were having an argument. It was getting quite heated. I’d missed the flashpoint that had set it off, but they were shouting numbers at each other and each was rubbishing the numbers that the other one came out with.

“I’m telling you there are more than fifty-seven million of them, more than enough for every household in the country.”

“Don’t be daft, there aren’t any more than ten million. They come from other countries, as well you know.”

I interrupted to ask what they were discussing.

They both shouted at me: “The number of Christmas trees in Norway!”

Kev Neylon Merits

5 most prolific1 most esteemed16 top drabble5 top drabblist

Happy Birthday To You.

It was her fortieth birthday tomorrow. She was sure that her husband had organised something special, a party most probably.

She awoke to find that he had already left for work. She expected to find cards and presents, but there were none. She assumed that they would be given out at the party.

Her husband called to say he was going for a drink after work. She smiled knowingly, and planned what she would wear for her party.

At 10pm she angrily went to bed. It seemed that the only surprise was that her husband had completely forgotten her birthday.

Julie Anne Robinson Merits

16 most prolific10 most esteemed17 top drabblist

Phone Problems

It was one of those days. She’d left her glasses at home and was struggling to see things on her desk properly. The various phones hadn’t stopped ringing since the moment she arrived that morning.

She needed to make a personal call herself, so picked up her phone and started to dial the numbers required. Once she’d tapped in all the numbers, she hit the red ‘call’ button on the phone and held it up to her ear.

There was no ringing tone to be heard. Then a colleague asked, “Why have you got a calculator up to your ear?”

Kev Neylon Merits

5 most prolific1 most esteemed16 top drabble5 top drabblist

Christmas is Coming

It was getting earlier and earlier each year, Heather thought. Advent calendars for sale at Halloween, decorations alongside pumpkins, and trees next to fireworks. Stores were decorated from mid-October and gift ideas lined the aisles. In November, delivery slots were available to book at online supermarkets and Christmas markets popped up in towns.

The internet, of course, was saturated with seasonal goods. Search engines highlighted gift ideas and special offers. Christmas moved away from the religious and became more commercial as each year passed.

Despite all this, Heather still found herself frantically running around on Christmas Eve looking for presents.

Julie Anne Robinson Merits

16 most prolific10 most esteemed17 top drabblist

I May As Well Be Invisible

People ignore me. They walk past me all the time.

No one cares anymore. It is too much trouble to walk a step to the left or right. They pretend they don’t know what my purpose is.

My friend comes daily, out in all weathers, doing his job. I look forward to his visits. He drags his cart and uses his broom and shovel to sweep up all the rubbish that people have dropped. They litter our streets with no regard for our environment despite the fact that I, a made-for-purpose litter bin, am there within sight of them all.

Laurie Benton Merits

8 top drabblist

The Trick

“Aren’t you going to join me?” shouts Lucinda, as she peels off her pullover and wades into the river. It’s the first day of the school holidays and she’s been aching for this moment for weeks.

“Looks too cold to me,” Nic calls out, chewing a piece of grass then spitting it out. “I shouldn’t go in too deep, if I were you. Not after the recent rains we’ve had.”

Lucinda doesn’t hear him. She splashes and kicks, flopping back into the churning current.

“Nic…help…it’s going too fast!”

She claws at the water, gasping, panting, going under.

Nic has gone.

AJ Waines Merits

9 top drabblist

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