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The Secret

Her best friend called to warn her. It had finally happened. The day she had dreaded for years. The day her colleagues and friends would find out her secret.

Only her best friend and family knew. She had sworn them to secrecy. Not even her handsome twenty-nine year old boyfriend knew, nor her co-workers at the fashion magazine. They wouldn't understand.

There was nothing she could do as she made her way home to face the music. She took a deep breath as she opened the door.

“Surprise!” everyone shouted.

She stood looking at that awful banner: 'Happy 40th Birthday'.


Honey spat a curse as they thrust her into a cell and locked the door. What a fool she’d been to trust him.

She told the guards it was a mistake, but they just ignored her.

She curled on the bed and tried to lose herself in sleep, but although someone had tried to clean the mattress, it still smelt of the previous occupant. She was going to die here.

Then, one day, he returned. Turning her back on him, she heard him laugh. “Don’t sulk, Honey.”

Oh, he was going to pay for this. How she hated that cattery.

Growing Up

Do you remember the day you grew up? I do. I was nine years old. As I lay in bed, chatting with my teddy, I heard a loud knocking at the front door. Mum answered, “Come in, officer. Is there something wrong?”

I heard the deep growling voice reply, but I couldn’t hear what he said. Then came a little squeal followed by hysterical sobbing from my mum.

It was the evening my dad went out with his mates and never came home. That’s when I knew I had to grow up. It was the day my teddy stopped talking.

Kath Middleton Merits

2 most prolific2 most esteemed7 top drabble


There are three things every BFF knows. You never date your BFF’s ex-boyfriends, you always return borrowed clothes and you never, ever, read their diary.

Patsy flew down the steps from her bedroom and opened the door to Rache who had just rung the bell. Rache didn’t say anything to her but ran straight up the stairs to Patsy’s room. She followed her a few minutes later with two cans of cola, offering one to her BFF.

Patsy looked at her diary open on the bed. She breathed a sigh of relief. It hadn’t been moved – or had it?

Anne Deborah Taylor Merits

13 most prolific6 most esteemed13 top drabblist


I was ten years old the first time it happened. I saw the apples falling from the bowl before the abbess even tripped. I cried out a warning, but too late. Before I picked them up, I already knew they would be bruised and ruined.

That night, I could hear them talking about me, all sin and demons. Ill omens: the smell of pitch in the air, a comet cracking the sky in two, like a crack of light under the door.

I left in the dead of night. I had already seen the priest's knife, slick with sacrificial blood.

Smile For The Camera

It had been three months since they last met, yet the memory of his hands on her body still brought bile to her throat.

Standing on the red carpet, she smiled a dazzling smile – teeth and tits, like she’d been taught. The flashes from the cameras blinded her. Smile, she thought, keep smiling.

He was standing next to her now, his arm rubbing against hers. Fighting the urge to flee, she kept repeating her mantra. Smile. Smile.

Pulling her close, his arm wrapped around her bare shoulder. Smile, she thought.

But it was no good. The tears fell, betraying her.

The Quiz

"And now, Mrs Middleton, your general knowledge questions. You have two and a half minutes starting now. What is a road between two mountains?"

"Erm... Pass."

"Correct. How do footballers move the ball to a team mate?"

"Erm... Pass."

"Correct. What kind of card or ticket authorises the holder to enter a building or use a facility?"

"Erm... Pass."

"Correct. Can you give a euphemism for ‘to die’?"

"Erm... Pass."

"Correct. When speaking of time, how does it elapse?"

"Erm... Pass."

"Correct. What is an acceptable examination mark?"

"Erm... Pass."

"Correct. Congratulations, Mrs Middleton. You are the Mastermind champion!"


Kath Middleton Merits

2 most prolific2 most esteemed7 top drabble

Colour Blind

The assistant had to draw on every ounce of inner patience she possessed. She had been with this customer for over an hour.

“No,” said Marjorie, comparing it to a swatch of cloth. “It’s just not the right colour. There is just too much blue to make it work.”

The assistant had to give in. She hated losing a customer but it was someone else’s turn.

“Are you free, Rachel?” she asked her colleague. And so they started over again.

Finally, Marjorie’s husband had had enough. “For heaven’s sake, woman,” he glowered. “You’re choosing a lipstick, not refurbishing Buckingham Palace!”

Anne Deborah Taylor Merits

13 most prolific6 most esteemed13 top drabblist

Following Her

I follow her but she doesn't know I'm there. Yesterday, she seemed to sense my presence. She turned round suddenly but couldn't see me.

I watch her shop for make-up and clothes to impress him. She wants everything of mine – house, land, furniture and my husband. She thinks he’s wonderful, poor fool. If only she knew the truth. He’s interested in her money and property, not her pretty face.

Well, she won't look very good when she’s buried four feet under the allotment next to my rotten corpse. I wish I could warn her but she can't hear me.

The Night Manager

George was on Saturday night reception duty. A man came in with a booking for the Bridal Suite.

“Can you send up smoked salmon for breakfast?” he asked.

“Certainly, sir. And for your wife?”

“Husband,” he said, beaming at the other man behind him.


A middle-aged woman and young man checked in. “I can upgrade you to a family room so your son has his own bed.”

“My son? Jason is my partner!”

Blimey. Why couldn’t everyone be normal like him? He picked up his well-thumbed Goat Lovers’ Magazine. This month’s centrefold was a lovely little thing.

Kath Middleton Merits

2 most prolific2 most esteemed7 top drabble

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