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Best Drabble (Most Liked) - Page 4


Had One's Chips

The ginnel at the side of me mam’s house in Balaclava Terrace acts as a shortcut to the chippy in the still-cobbled Mafeking Street. That night, I was chomping on my F & C (with scraps, of course) and I had a wrapped haddock for Mam, but I was not expecting to find a dead body blocking my access up the passageway.

The coppers and medics who turned up talked of a slit throat and there was blood everywhere. There was a terrible smell, so I guess the body may have evacuated unspecified fluids.

Almost put me off me chips.

Andrew Atkinson Merits

8 most prolific4 most esteemed

Here Be Dragons

"Mummy, I'm scared. There's a dragon!"

"Don't be silly, sweetheart. There's no such thing."

"But I can see it. It's breathing smoke, look!"

"I can't look when I'm driving, sweet."

"It's puffing out lots of smoke. It might be waking up."

"Oh, that'll be the cooling towers. We always pass them on the way to Granddad's. We'll be there soon. We could play a game?"

"I spy with my little eye something beginning with... D"

"There are no dragons. I've told you."

As they drove into the golden evening, scaly wings stretched and a huge red eye watched them pass.

Kath Middleton Merits

1 most prolific2 most esteemed7 top drabble

Mistaken Identity

“It can’t have been me, I’ve never been there officer.'

“We have you on CCTV, and then your debit card was used next door.'

“That’s not possible, I have never set foot in Coventry, and I don’t have a bank account, let alone a card.'

“Is this you in the picture?'

“It looks like me.'

“Is this your handwriting?'

“It looks very similar, yes'

“Then you can see why we’re here then.'

“Yes, because someone is pretending to be me, but is failing to get the details right.'

“Such as?'

“You’re visiting me in prison, I’ve been here five years!'

Kevin Neylon Merits

6 most prolific1 most esteemed13 top drabble2 top drabblist

The Unexpected Parcel

David wasn’t expecting the large parcel on his doorstep. He dragged it inside and tore the cardboard from it.

It was a large picture. Upon seeing the image within the frame, his mouth gaped open; he was rooted to the spot, frightened beyond belief. His bladder let go as the ghosts of his father’s past caught up with him.

The picture was of Pol Pot. Disturbing enough by itself, but the speech bubble-shaped Post-it note stuck to the front of Pol Pot’s mouth made it even worse. Upon it were the bold typefaced words that said:


David fainted.

Kev Neylon Merits

6 most prolific1 most esteemed13 top drabble2 top drabblist


The atheist politely declined a flier inviting him to the fete at a church labelled 'Jesus is Lord'.

He offered a warm smile to the Jehovah's Witness who told him that he needed to convert in order to reach God’s Kingdom.

He thanked the boy scout who gave him a cookie iced with the words, 'Jesus loves you'.

When the time was right, he wrote a tweet, a tweet about his own personal feelings on the creation of the earth.

A Christian instantly unsubscribed from future tweets. The author should not have communicated a view that others might not share.


Food Magic

The boy’s friends were smiling and laughing. They were amazed at the fact that the food was floating up off the plate, through the air and into his mouth.

Every time a piece of food was in his mouth, one of the other boys cheered, and they kept encouraging him to do it again.

He was almost halfway through his lunch when the teacher approached him from behind and shouted, “Stop playing with your food, young man. If I’ve told you once I’ve told you at least a hundred times – don’t levitate your food to eat. Use the fork, Luke!'

Kev Neylon Merits

6 most prolific1 most esteemed13 top drabble2 top drabblist

No E's allowed

A small conundrum for you to think on.

Can you find what is unusual within this story?

Long and short, high and low, as this short story grows, so will your hints.

What is missing, you cry, how did you do it, and why?

A common thing all day, all night, is now hiding out of sight.

A book is full of this common digit. But you can’t find it!

A paragraph with zilch is hard to find, it’s always shouting in your mind.

And so this story is at a finish, don’t look too hard for what will diminish.

Kevin Neylon Merits

6 most prolific1 most esteemed13 top drabble2 top drabblist


Her birthday again, another year older.

No one to share it with this year.

Her parents dead, no children to nourish, no partner around.

A day to celebrate, you must be joking.

Just another day to survive in the rat race.

No cards, just bills coming through the door.

Four hundred Facebook friends that don’t say a word.

She goes to work and sits in a cube alone.

At the end of the day she gets the bus home.

She opens the door wanting to die, and Billy jumps on her, so happy to see her.

Thank God for dogs.

Kevin Neylon Merits

6 most prolific1 most esteemed13 top drabble2 top drabblist

Re-engineering the Corporate Paradigm

The boss brought up the next Powerpoint slide. “We need to get the monkey off our backs, get a heads-up on the benchmarks, hit the ground running and then belly up to the bar, while all swinging from the same branch,' he explained.

“What’s he on about?' Mike surreptitiously whispered to his neighbour.

“I think he’s coming out,' Helen whispered back.

The boss continued, “This will call for maximising one-to-one interfaces to explore non-vertical relationships while implementing state of the art, bespoke metrics to productise both front and back-end client experiences.'

“Hey, you’re right!' Mike whispered excitedly.

“It’s a gift.'

Richard Martinus Merits

11 most esteemed6 top drabble12 top drabblist

The Interview

Sitting there waiting for the interview to start.

Fully suited and booted and prepared as could be. Questions all rehearsed in my head. Researched the company, even thought of some questions that he could ask them.

The previous candidate filed out of the room, their face was a mask, impossible to read. Not a hint of whether they thought they had succeeded.

The telephone rang on the receptionist’s desk, and I was told to make my way in.

I took my seat and my heart sank. No job here today, both my ex-wives were the interview panel, smiling like sharks.

Kevin Neylon Merits

6 most prolific1 most esteemed13 top drabble2 top drabblist

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