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Best Drabble (Most Liked) - Page 3


All Gone Wrong

He’d had the worst day in his working life. His project for the last two years had gone live, only for the new system to fall over in the first hour. He’d spent the day stuck between crisis calls with the implementation partners, and calls from senior managers berating him for ruining their business.

They’d got it up and running again in the afternoon, but now he had a meeting with management the next morning.

He was driving home when the phone rang. His wife shouted, “There’s an idiot driving the wrong way on the M23!'

“Yes dear, it’s me.'

Kev Neylon Merits

6 most prolific1 most esteemed13 top drabble2 top drabblist


Colour is everything. A dash here or a splash there. Too much and it was pretty much ruined, too little and – well, you might as well not have bothered.

But then you have to try to replicate that perfection. Sometimes you can and sometimes it’s pretty much impossible. Do you add to it or just leave it alone? Sometimes it’s a spontaneous decision and sometimes you have to think long and hard. And then it’s done. And a little while later, you just want to start all over again. Then again. And again.

Ahh! Yes! Your perfect cup of tea.

Anne Deborah Taylor Merits

13 most prolific6 most esteemed14 top drabblist


They’d selected one of the walks from the guide book, and were heading off into the countryside from the car park. As they did, they saw a big sign for Harry’s Farm covering a long length of fence to their left.

They got to a stile, clambering over it, only to find the footpath end at a barbed wire fence. So they had to turn around and climb back over the stile.

A man stood on the original path, laughing.

“So you’ve used one of Harry’s stiles, then. As you can see, they’re only any use going in one direction.'

Kev Neylon Merits

6 most prolific1 most esteemed13 top drabble2 top drabblist


When I found her, her spine was cracked. All but broken, she was a real mess; dirty and dishevelled. Wet from the rain, I dried her carefully, patting her down and laying her near the fire but not so close as to burn her. I wondered what she could tell me. I wondered what her story was, but I didn’t pry until she was ready.

It took a good few days before she was fit enough; but I enjoyed Rebecca’s company immensely, before placing her on the shelf next to my Dickens compendium, whose appendix had been so inexpertly removed.

G J Reilly Merits

12 most prolific8 most esteemed

What The Doctor Ordered

It was a wet and dreary day and the patients in the waiting room looked miserable and morose, so I thought I would cheer them up a bit. I flicked on the intercom speaker.

“Pat Downe? The doctor will see you now.'

I followed it at intervals with: “Benny Fitte', “Summer Thyme', “Terry Lynn', “Rose Bush', “Sam Booker' and “Barry Tone'.

What a laugh! I could see through the door that it was cheering them up. So, where was the harm?

Well, the senior practitioner, Dr Seth O’Scope, was none too pleased.

“That’s your last warning, Joy Ryder,' he fumed.

Andrew Atkinson Merits

8 most prolific4 most esteemed

The Fly-Past

Aunt Bessie had outlived all her siblings. Unmarried, she’d been a member of the WRAF during the war. She was the glue that held us all together. We all looked at her coffin. We each had a special memory of her.

Stood by the grave, we could hear a rumbling in the distance, getting louder and louder. As we lifted our gaze, our eyes were drawn to the sky just as the Red Arrows roared by in perfect formation, heading on to an airshow no doubt. But perfect timing.

Oh yes. Only Aunt Bessie could have organised this fly-past.

Anne Deborah Taylor Merits

13 most prolific6 most esteemed14 top drabblist

The Voice

Her voice was irritating beyond belief, irritating and patronising.

“Doesn’t her voice get on your nerves?' Mavis asked Marvin, her husband.

“Well, yes it does, but we do have to listen to her.'

“I don’t see why we should,' said Mavis.

“And I don’t know how you can say that,' said Marvin. “She’s got us out of many a tricky situation.'

“Really?' said Mavis. “I’d say she’s got us into far more difficulty than out of it. And if I hear her say ‘Make a U-turn when convenient’ one more time, that satnav is going out the bloody window!'

Anne Deborah Taylor Merits

13 most prolific6 most esteemed14 top drabblist

A Monster

The monster whooshed down out of the sky and landed with a roar and a cloud of dust, next to where the man had been sleeping on the bench. The roar woke him from his stupor, and he struggled to work out where he was. He saw the monster shaking in front of his eyes and tried to move away from it, only to find the bench’s back prevented him from doing so.

He tried to work out what the creature was, only recognising it as the dust cleared. It was a gargoyle, fallen from the roof of the church.

Kev Neylon Merits

6 most prolific1 most esteemed13 top drabble2 top drabblist

Had One's Chips

The ginnel at the side of me mam’s house in Balaclava Terrace acts as a shortcut to the chippy in the still-cobbled Mafeking Street. That night, I was chomping on my F & C (with scraps, of course) and I had a wrapped haddock for Mam, but I was not expecting to find a dead body blocking my access up the passageway.

The coppers and medics who turned up talked of a slit throat and there was blood everywhere. There was a terrible smell, so I guess the body may have evacuated unspecified fluids.

Almost put me off me chips.

Andrew Atkinson Merits

8 most prolific4 most esteemed

Here Be Dragons

"Mummy, I'm scared. There's a dragon!"

"Don't be silly, sweetheart. There's no such thing."

"But I can see it. It's breathing smoke, look!"

"I can't look when I'm driving, sweet."

"It's puffing out lots of smoke. It might be waking up."

"Oh, that'll be the cooling towers. We always pass them on the way to Granddad's. We'll be there soon. We could play a game?"

"I spy with my little eye something beginning with... D"

"There are no dragons. I've told you."

As they drove into the golden evening, scaly wings stretched and a huge red eye watched them pass.

Kath Middleton Merits

1 most prolific2 most esteemed7 top drabble

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