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12 Men and Women

The twelve men and women sat around the table trying to make a decision. Some made up their minds straight away. Others were indecisive, finding the choice in front of them more difficult than it really should be.

Finally, the last of them made up their minds - they could not all agree. They were asked what their decision was.

Their leader stood up, looking around the table before announcing the outcome from their deliberations.

“We have decided that we shall have seven cups of coffee, four cups of tea, and the awkward one on the end wants an orange juice.'

Kev Neylon Merits

6 most prolific1 most esteemed13 top drabble2 top drabblist

25 sites in the Holy Land. Experiences

Some people, pilgrims to the Holy Land, and friends, have suggested to me several times to put in writing my experience and love to the Holy Land. Even some priests, whom I have accompanied in their experience and preparation to obtain the Guide card, have insinuated or begged me clearly to do it. Now my nephews do it too.

3, 2, 1... Action!

Joe and Dan squeezed their eyes half-shut against the glaring light.

The night was cold, but they felt the heat of their imminent action flush them with the warm air one gets in a sirocco.

“So, what d'you think?' Joe sought assurance and agreement from his partner in this mission.

“I'm not sure. We have to be certain, and I'm just not sure. There's no room for mistakes here.' Dan knew he was stalling.

“C'mon, boys, this is your time.' She straightened her uniform, her commanding presence goading them into action.

“Okay. I'll have the veggie burger with fries.'

5 pictures, 17 lives

The first one; I don’t remember this one.

It was the first one of my life.

A little baby, my parents and my grandparents.

The second one; I barely remember this one.

I was nervous.

You and me, our parents and grandparents.

The third one, I remember vividly.

It was the first one of your life.

A little baby, the two of us, our parents.

The fourth one, I remember.

No nerves that day.

Our child and his love, you and me, their parents.

The fifth one, was yesterday.

I am so proud.

A little baby, our children and us.

50 Shades of Denial

"Her best friend saw me out with a blonde."

"And that's when the row started?"

"No. 'Just business,' I said. Then she saw the love note."

"OK. The note sparked the row?"

"No. 'It's obviously a joke,' I said, but then she smelt the perfume."

"OK. The smell brought the hell?"

"No. 'Got squirted in a department store,' I said. That's when she found the panties."

"Right! That'll be the row now, then?"

"No. I told her they were a present. 'For me?' she asked. 'Nope,' I said, 'sure you'd never fit into those'. and that's when the row started."

Ken Magee Merits

9 most prolific5 most esteemed5 top drabble

A Bad Influence

With guns trained on the newsagent and his customers, the man and girl backed out the door. They charged around the corner to where the car was parked, motor running. Taking off at high speed, they didn't speak until they reached home.

"I was pretty scared," young Troy said, as he removed his wig. "And I'm looking forward to getting out of this stupid dress. Can we live like normal people now?"

"You did well today, son, and I'm proud of you." Brenda peeled off her bald head and removed her moustache. "We'll be ready to do a bank soon."

Jennifer Hanning Merits

8 most prolific12 most esteemed8 top drabble

A bed of books

Martha stared at the bed in horror. She was here for a new duvet, that was it. This should have been a Safe Store. It was on the list Dr Friedmind had given her! Dr Friedmind. What would he tell her to do? ‘Martha, step AWAY from the book sculpture,’ he’d say. But it was too late. She could smell them. She took a step forward. Four months’ abstinence. She turned away. Oh, that smell! She let go… and fell back, back off the wagon. The bed collapsed. She didn’t care. She reached out, grabbed a Brontë and devoured it.

A Bedtime Story

Mr and Mrs Rabbit lived on the outskirts of town, near the local dump. It wasn’t ideal. In fact it was a bit of a hole, but it was home.

They often struggled to make ends meet, and Mr Rabbit sometimes brought his kids down to the town’s allotment to ‘borrow’ a few vegetables from their better off neighbours

Winter was on its way, and the nights were getting longer, making their lives even harder.

The family settled down to a dark time of X Factor and I’m not really a Celebrity, so get me the feck out of here.

Nav Logan Merits

5 most prolific13 most esteemed

A Big Achievement

“Why are you drinking a triple chocolate shake with cream, Rosen?'

“I had some good news today, non-descript friend who I can’t be bothered to name.'

“Oh really? What was it?'

“It’s book related,' says Rosen, with a grin.

“It always is,' says the non-descript friend, without a grin. “So come on then, what have you achieved? A booker prize? A number one bestseller? A TV appearance?'

“It’s Indie Book Bargains birthday and ‘Pompomberry House’ was the most downloaded book of its first year.'

“Isn’t Indie Book Bargains the site that you run?'

Rosen looks away, and whistles to herself.

A Cat's View of the Great Outdoors

I love the sunshine, feeling it warm upon my fur and turning ginger to spun gold. The grass is soft beneath my feet. It is pleasant to be outside, enjoying my domain.

I love the cheeky robin who sits atop a tree just out of reach. I know he is teasing, but I can close my eyes and imagine climbing the tree one day.

I snooze, lost in pleasant dreams.

But what's this? Water is pouring from the sky and drenching my beautiful fur!

My slave calls, 'Come in out of the rain, Harry!'

Thankfully, I retreat within the house.

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