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by Julie Highmore
Originally published by on 28/03/2018

Alex arrived first and ordered pies and beers.

“Sorry,' panted Sam. “Busy.'

“How is the IT world?'

“Be better if I wasn't so sleep deprived. Kids, eh?'

Alex yawned. “Tell me about it. Alfie's teething and Molly's up at five. I can't write that paper and haven't had sex for…'

Sam laughed. “But you do have a new car?'

“Here, it's on my phone.'

“Cool. There's money in academia, then?'

“Bank loan.'


They ate and talked politics, then Alex spotted the time. “Christ. Meeting.'

On leaving, they thanked Joe the barman.

“Bye, ladies!' replied Joe. “See you next week!'

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