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Australian or Japanese?

by Jacky Gray
Originally published by on 07/02/2018

“High temperature or fever?'

“Yes.' He sneezed three times, ending with a coughing fit.

“Mmm. I’m going to assume your nose is running.'

“Yep. And my feet smell.'

A glare said she’d heard that joke a time or two. “Aches and pains?'

“All over. And I’m perpetually exhausted.'

She tapped some keys. “Anything else?'

“Apart from the runs, stomach cramps and projectile vomiting?'

She checked boxes, her face dark.

“Only kidding. About the last three.'

A frown as she unchecked, then pressed the green button on the diagnosis website.

“So, is it Australian or Japanese?'

“Neither. Just good old man-flu.'

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