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The Conjuring

by Richard Martinus
Originally published by on 25/08/2017

“Come forth, spirit! I adjure thee, in the name of Belial, Sathanas, Osendior, Matalot and Beelzebub, come forth! In the name of Lucifer, Astaroth, Flopsy, Setentino and Apollion, behold my sacrifice and come forth, I say!'

“Hang on. ‘Flopsy’?'

“My daughter’s rabbit. She begged me to include it in the incantation tonight. I couldn’t very well refuse.'

“Is it a powerful familiar?'

“No, it’s a rabbit.'

“Don’t the Barons of Hades object to you trivialising them by naming them alongside your household pets?'

“They didn’t last week when I included my tortoise Genevieve in the invocation.'

“Oh… Okay, carry on.'

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