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by David Wailing
Originally published by on 07/10/2016

It was spotted on Amazon first, with the Shakespeare titles. Macb£th. The Tem*e$t. H&(let.

But it quickly spread to other books: Wu^&ering @eights, Ninet**n E@!*+y-F#ur, Lord of the ^&£?s. Not just the titles but the text inside too. All replaced by random symbols, like comedy swearing.

Within days, people found their words altered across the internet, on we!s*tes and b^og$ and F@*=book pages. Even their *&xt me%%ages.

It had to be deliberate, experts said. A computer v*^us, or a h?ck#r. Or maybe an attempt at c=mm%*%^*tion.

Maybe an !nva$*&n.

Even the dr@bb*es on B%%kH!££o were soon %%^ ((*&* $%@?? *!””£*&…

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