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Not Taking the Fifth

by Ken Magee
Originally published by on 28/04/2016

“D’you know why I stopped you, sir?'

“Nope,' I said. “Wasn't really concentrating.'

“Not concentrating?'

“Too busy texting.'

“Texting, were we?'

“Yep, about the weed.'

“Cannabis user?'

“Nope,' I said, “grower and seller. I used to just grow but my partner died so now I sell too.'

“Mmmm,' said the cop, “I stopped you for doing thirty-eight in a thirty zone.'

“Not the murder?'

“You really shouldn't take the piss, but my shift’s about over and who needs the paperwork? On your way and drive carefully.'

“Thanks,' I said as I wondered where to bury the body in the boot.

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