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Esprit de Corps

by G Reilly
Originally published by on 26/02/2016

'You rank, 'orrible bunch. Look at you! Not a set o' guts between the lotta you!' The Sergeant bellowed. 'Old Boney could come riding over that hill at any moment and catch you lolling. And then where would you be, eh?'

He limped along the parade line. 'Wassa matter? Lost your nerve? No 'esprit de corpse' as the Frenchies would say?'

He continued to rant.

'D'you wanna tell 'im, or shall I?' said Bert.

'Wassat?' said Tom, the Waterloo breeze blowing his form into something less discernible.

'War's been over for two hundred years,' said Bert. 'And so 'ave we!'

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