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Those in Control

by Jonathan Hill
Originally published by on 31/12/2014

Just a game.

Dice thrown. Wheel spun. Counters vibrating with the pair’s roared laughter.

“What’s it landed on?'

“September the 2nd, 1666.'

“I’ll pick… London.' Lit a match and held it over England’s capital. “Your turn.'

Spun the wheel. September the 11th, 2001. Smiled whilst picking a model plane from the board game’s upturned lid. Placed it in New York. Watched the smoke plume rise. “Your turn.'

Wheel spun. “2015. A date of my choice.'

Hesitated. Licked lips. Selected a piece.

The other gasped. “You can’t!'

“Watch me.'

Both stood back from the board in horrified anticipation.

Just a game.

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