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Alliteration Argument

by John Moralee
Originally published by on 18/08/2014

About an aeon ago, Alex and Amy arrived at an aged aunt’s abode and argued all afternoon. “Ardvaaks are anteaters, Amy. And aardwolves are also anteaters.'

“Aardwolves aren’t anteaters,' Amy asserted.“All adults accept an aardwolf as another animal altogether, Alex.'

Alex advanced, animatedly against accepting Amy’s answer as absolute.“Ask Alan. Alan agrees. Alan!'

Alan – another adolescent – answered Alex and agreed.

Amy angered. “Alan also affirms alligators are alive around Antarctica. Absolutely anything Alan announces amounts as artificial. Alan and actual accuracy are always antipodes.'

Alex abhorred Amy. “Absurd! Antipodes? Alan ain’t Australian!'

Aunt Allison approached.“Arguing? Again? Behave!'

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