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Lovestruck in London by Rachel Schurig

Lovestruck in London

by Rachel Schurig

Lizzie Medina went to London to reinvent herself. Tired of being the quiet baby sister, and in no hurry to settle into a boring existence in surburbia, she escapes from home at the first opportunity. When she settles in London for a year of post-graduate studies, Lizzie is sure she'll be able to start a whole new life. Immerse herself in the books she loves. Explore a new country. Work on her dream of writing a novel. She might even be able to find a little bit of excitement for...

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The Sister by Max China

The Sister

by Max China

Cornwall, England 1967: Two children witness a murder. One, a young Irish girl, views it from miles away, the other a seven-year old boy, from fifty yards...London 2006: With retirement looming, DCI John Kennedy reopens the only unresolved case in his career - the disappearance of a young nurse twenty-three years earlier. Following the broadcast of a cold case reconstruction, a witness comes forward. Kennedy, now set on the trail of a serial killer, unwittingly sparks a sequence of events...

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Love Me Anyway (Passions in the Park Book 1) by JL Redington

Love Me Anyway
(Passions in the Park Book 1)

by JL Redington

There is a serial killer loose in America's National Parks. Greyson Beauchene, Head Ranger of Alaska's Denali National Park is certain he will never have to deal with that because his park is too ‘out of the way.' However, Ranger Beauchene soon finds out he is dead wrong.

Greyson and his two assistants are flown by helicopter into a remote section of the park where hikers have found a casket, one of the biggest indicators the serial killer has found Denali. Greyson's team is...

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Through Smoke by J.R. Tate

Through Smoke

by J.R. Tate

Firefighter Michael McGinnis is no stranger to intense situations. Veteran of New York's Ladder Twenty-One Company as a search and rescue man, he has seen his share of burning infernos, high-rise saves, and intense emergency situations. Despite McGinnis' years on the job, nothing can prepare him for getting tangled in his brother's mistakes as a drug addict and gambler, especially when a blood thirsty bookie gets involved. A romance sparks between him and fellow paramedic, Eva Crisante...

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