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Kinesis by Ethan Spier


by Ethan Spier

When two men break into Leonard Samson's house, beat him unconscious and murder his six-year-old son, the police arrive to a gruesome scene. But they are shocked to find the mutilated bodies of the two intruders in the front room of Leonard's home, while he waits in the kitchen with the surviving members of his family.

Clarissa Chapman is a DCI of Psychokinetic Investigations - a new area of police work - instigated after the first genuine case of psychokinesis was discovered, some...

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REALITIES by Marian D. Schwartz


by Marian D. Schwartz

Jenny Weaver is smart, she's funny, and she's so lonely it hurts.

A year after her husband's suicide, Jenny impulsively moves from the Northeast to California. Her young children adjust to the move, but she does not. She has made only one friend, and she isn't sure of how to handle the children's problems. In a moment of deep frustration and loneliness, she begins writing to her dead husband, Richard, telling him about her daily life. She also writes about the...

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Children of Another God (The Broken World) by T C Southwell

Children of Another God
(The Broken World)

by TC Southwell

When a young peasant girl is injured while hunting, she meets a strange, magical man who is a member of a despised race - Mujar. Truemen scorn the shape-shifting unmen for their odd, humble ways, and envy their power over the elements. Mujar do not use their powers for good or evil, they simply exist, immortal and apparently purposeless.

Now a scourge is sweeping the land, armies of mounted warriors who cannot be defeated are wiping out Truemankind without mercy. They are known as...

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Happy Hour by Anne Mitchell

Happy Hour

by Anne Mitchell

What if your husband had an affair with a beautiful actress?

What if you were blackmailed into impersonating someone else on primetime TV?

What if your beloved twelve year old son suddenly disappeared?

What if you fell hopelessly in love with someone you definitely shouldn't have fallen in love with?

Could you ever be happy again?

Jane Anderson has always been happy for her husband Paul, a handsome garden designer, to take the spotlight while...

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Terrene: the hidden valley by Eric Liu

Terrene: the hidden valley

by Eric Liu

Within every person lies the power to change one world. Within Flora lies the hope for two.

In the isolated rural valley of Terrene, where technology is grown, not manufactured, Flora Karachi paints her anguish with flowers and yearns to travel outside the mountain walls that guard her village. But in a society which values harmony and symmetry above all else, her dangerous curiosity and her indelicate scars, earned from a lifetime of inexplicable blackouts, make her an outcast with...

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Punchline by Paul Fenton


by Paul Fenton

They say everyone has a novel in them. Luca Pope had five, until they were stolen from him.

Luca Pope would normally be pleased to see his novels on bookstore shelves, especially if it were his name on the covers. Five novels bearing five different author names, and he has no idea how it happened.

He sets out to track down and corner the plagiarists, to extract answers and confessions - if they'd just stay alive long enough to oblige. Urged on by a sense of righteous...

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