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Keep It In The Family by Patsy Collins

Keep It In The Family

by Patsy Collins

Alec thinks he's suffered a medical emergency, Dr Kuttemopen says the same about his patient, and Jake and his granddad will be at risk from one if they carry on as they've been doing. With the support of loved ones, they could all put these predicted and suspected health problems behind them. Uncle Boris's condition will never go away, but neither will Aunt Jonna, so he'll not just cope, but enjoy doing so.

Everyone has problems...

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Patsy Collins

Mostly swans around in a campervan making stuff up and writing it down.

Patsy Collins lives and writes on the south coast of England, although she does tend to swan off in a campervan fairly frequently. In her defence she often writes in the locations her stories are set.

Patsy is the author of hundreds of published short stories, five novels, sixteen themed collections and half of a writing guide.

When she's not writing she likes gardening, photography and cake eating. She shares her home with her husband and head with her characters.

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