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A Princess's Guide to Dragon Domestication by Mina Rehman

A Princess's Guide to Dragon Domestication

by Mina Rehman

Maisha is a pretty normal girl.

Sure, she doesn't remember the first 18 years of her life, but weirder things happen, right?

It's not like someone took away her memories to make her forget that she's an alien, heir to a throne, and the most powerful witch in existence.

Nor does she have an undead fairy godmother (along with a bunch of ghosts for relatives) whose sole afterlife entertainment is haunting her.


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Mina Rehman

Mina Rehman is a reader, a 90s kid (since we're putting all the important stuff here), an amateur nature photographer (but only when she remembers to charge her camera's battery), a writer, a flexitarian (which might be another word for "struggling vegetarian"), a feminist (obviously), a horrible poet (but that doesn't stop her), proud mother of an adopted Jaguar (Go WWF!), a science communicator and a currently non-practicing astrophysicist.

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