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Requiem (After The Purge: Vendetta Trilogy, Book 1) by Sam Sisavath

(After The Purge: Vendetta Trilogy, Book 1)

by Sam Sisavath

Six years ago, the world was plunged into darkness.Five years ago, it got a second chance.Now the fight for what’s left begins…They Called It The Purge…History books call it The Purge, and it altered the course of human history. A breed of seemingly unkillable creatures that once lurked in the shadows of mankind’s past finally revealed themselves. Driven by an insatiable lust for human blood, these monsters—dubbed “ghouls” by some—consumed the globe in one bloody, awful night. Their numbers growing exponentially through infection, they felled the unprepared governments of the world with hardly any resistance.In the yearlong nightmare that followed, survivors were turned into chattel for the generations of ghouls to come. Most chose to cooperate, but a brave few fought back, and thanks to their sacrifice, the ghouls were defeated and driven back into the darkness.The End was Just the Beginning…Humanity was given a second chance, but the world post-Purge will never...

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