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Tikopia (Crail Assassin Series Book 1) by Rachel Wright

(Crail Assassin Series Book 1)

by Rachel Wright

Louisa Clayman, aka Dark Web assassin Crail, makes a fortune covertly killing enemies of the British government. Crail's identity is well hidden by layers of encryption on the Dark Web until Louisa meets and falls for internet gamer Rikard. When Rikard's friend Markus starts cyberstalking Louisa, he doesn't realise she is protected by a top level black-hat hacker whose life depends on guarding the identity of Crail. Who will win this cyber-gam

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Rachel Wright

I started writing in 2013 when I realised that I had a story to tell. At that time, I had never considered writing as I had not studied English or literature at school or university and had no interest in it, sticking to the Sciences instead. When I found myself regularly driving long distances, often late a night, I started to make up stories to pass the time and when one story got so complex, I decided to start writing it. Several years later, I had finished a full length novel, Tikopia, which I self published in July 2017 and then started the sequel straight away. There will be...

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