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The Path of Ravens by P.K. Lentz

The Path of Ravens

by P.K. Lentz

Gods will fall as warriors of Asgard, Atlantis & Olympus battle a world-devouring swarm.

Thamoth and the other Atlanteans raised from the dead alongside him have but one purpose: to fight an unstoppable, unthinking enemy, The Myriad, which has already conquered Olympus.

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P.K. Lentz

P.K. Lentz

I like "heroes" who don't qualify for the use of that term. No, not anti-heroes, but broken or defective protagonists who have as many flaws as they do positive traits. If Chapter One describes a character who has sixty-two medals, ten commendations, a clean haircut, and was drummed out of the Space Marines for having the gall to outshine his superiors, well, he better be a bloodstain by Chapter Two, because I have zero interest in reading about that guy. And I would never, ever write about him.

My fiction tends to draw on my...

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