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Where Fish Can Breathe by Tricia D. Wagner

Where Fish Can Breathe

by Tricia D Wagner

Where Fish Can Breathe is the story of ten-year-old Swift, who longs to be as grown up as his brothers, but confronting himself in the wilds of the North Atlantic, he must contend with what it means to be a man.

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Tricia D Wagner

I am a writer. A sculptor of words. I take inspirations and whispers of ideas that lie someplace inside my heart, like clay that is unformed and still wet, and I excavate them with bare fingers and mold them into living characters and the happenings of other worlds.

I work in the areas of science fiction, fantasy, mainstream / literary fiction, and poetry, and I have completed manuscripts for novels, novelettes, and short stories.

Science fiction appeals to me because I am obsessed with science. I...

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