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Lust, Lies and Lemon Cakes Too by Steven Morris

Lust, Lies and Lemon Cakes Too

by Steven Morris

Eric Baxter doesn't ask for much. All he wants is to get his leg-over occasionally with his wife, Helen, and to lose enough weight to be able to see his genitals without having to hold his stomach out of the way.

So when Carol - a randy work colleague and fellow food lover who almost seduced him the night before - turns up at his home and introduces herself to his wife, he begins to wonder whether life is playing a cruel practical joke on him. As Carol seems determined to make his life a misery for turning her down, and he's about to discover something's going horribly wrong in the trouser department too, he could very well be right.

If that weren’t enough to have him reaching for the comfort food, he also has to contend with an oversexed son who's using the soapy bathroom sponge for something other than cleaning purposes. Plus a daughter who having just discovered boys has started dating a six foot ginger gorilla with huge bushy sideburns. Not forgetting his neighbour’s cat, a vengeful pigeon, a gang of feral children and a vigilante sausage dog.

Lust, Lies and Lemon Drizzle: Eric Baxter's continuing struggle with life, love, and his ever expanding...

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