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Happy Halloween by A.K. Michaels, C.S. Bailey, Nav Logan, Rick Haynes

Happy Halloween

by Chris Bailey, Nav Logan, Rick Haynes, A.K. Michaels, C.S. Bailey

All Hallows' eve produced a run of the mill call for the local police station; a house party was violating the noise ordinance.

Not much challenged Lieutenant Fitzgerald's resolve, that is, until he stumbles upon something that is undefinable and haunting to a profound degree. A dark disturbance that burrows into his depths and festers until it edges its way under every inch of his skin.

Colliding suspects rip up the night in utter pandemonium:

Nikolai Kairos, a biting personality, attempts to juggle hosting duties while dealing with his own lustful troubles.

Hector, the faithful manservant strives to remain obedient to his duties amidst chaos until his heart takes control, a dangerous detour.

Hump, the deformed beast roams the party, hunting endlessly for his next toxic conquest.

Ava,Chris, Nav and Rick bring you an adult short story for halloween.

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Chris Bailey

Chris Bailey

Currently going through the process publishing of my first full novel Maybe, Misery. I have always had a passion for writing, yet it took me until the age of 25 to have a story to tell.

I work days, nights and write in between. I'm a film lover, a music appreciator and I love tucking into a good book on my travels.

I also like to challenge the limits of what abuse my body can take, just recently completing the three peak challenge.

Nav Logan

Nav Logan

Fantasy /Fiction Author

I’ve been writing since I was that small boy, mainly poems and an occasional short story. Maerlin’s Storm was first written over a decade ago. It wasn’t something I planned to do. I didn’t wake up and say, I’m going to be an author. Far from it. Like many things in my life, it all started with a dream. The next morning, I wrote a poem Later, it became a story, and this small seed became my beanstalk. People read it and enjoyed it, but then life became busy again. For many years the story sat, collecting dust. It would have stayed on the shelf...

Rick Haynes

Rick Haynes

If you are healthy and happy then you are very rich indeed!

I was born way back before time meant anything. One zillion reincarnations later I think I know who I am, but I am open to a second opinion.

My passion is to write for your pleasure.

So do buy my books.

Read the stories.

And jump into the world of my imagination...


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