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Outbreak (Great Bitten Book 1) by Warren Fielding

(Great Bitten Book 1)

by Warren Fielding

When you walk down a London street in the early hours of the morning, you expect to see a few people unsteady on their feet, staggering around and struggling to get home. Warren's used to this; it's the norm.

What he's not used to is encountering old women, barely able to walk, with blood covering their torso and murder in their eyes.

Zombies have been in the media for decades, thanks to Romero and the rise of the undead in the media. When Warren sees that woman in the street he knows exactly what he's encountered, and does the first thing he can think of; after a quick bit of research and seeing the city rapidly descending into chaos, he gets the hell out of there.

Taking refuge with his sister in a suburb of Sussex, they make a plan to stay out the infection savaging the country. Transport routes are closed, and the government, pulling the strings from afar, has ordered citizens to be disarmed to support the fightback in the cities.

Warren and Carla find themselves thwarted at every turn. All they want to do is survive. How long can they last it out when the undead won't rest, and the worst of humanity rise to the top to show their true...

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