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An Invitation to Hitler by Bernard Neeson

An Invitation to Hitler

by Bernard Neeson

Summer 1940:

Britain stands alone; facing the German army across the English Channel. In London, Winston Churchill, is determined to continue the fight. But not all in the Cabinet share his resolve. Some of his colleagues believe there is no alternative but to seek a deal with the Nazis.

Then someone sends An Invitation to Hitler. Is there a traitor in the Cabinet?

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Bernard Neeson

Dublin-based author Bernard Neeson writes in the Alternative History genre, with a focus on military and political themes.

His first novel, "An Invitation to Hitler", was a Quarter-Finalist in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award, and reviewed as "A thrilling read" by the Historical Novel Society

"The Battle for England" is the gripping sequel to that novel. Hitler has taken the bait and the attack begins. Now can Britain see off the Nazi invaders?

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