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Angel of Rosetown by Jennifer Hanning

Angel of Rosetown

by Jennifer Hanning

Despite the struggles and hardships of early settlement days in Australia, Molly and Abel thrive in a wealth of love. Then tragedy tears them apart, forcing them into separate worlds.

Molly and her colourful--but flawed--spirit friends try to save Abel as he gravitates toward the powers of darkness.

Crossing the boundaries of life and death, they travel through Australia, England, France, America, New Zealand, and Harmonia! They soon learn that no one escapes the consequences of karma.

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Jennifer Hanning

Jennifer Hanning

Eat, Meditate, Write

After spending a couple of decades in the software development world, I left to take up yoga studies and indulge in my first passion, writing. My life is now wonderfully balanced between teaching yoga/meditation and writing fiction and self-help.

While I love plotting and writing mysteries, my two careers blend together beautifully when writing creative visualisations to induce relaxation. Recently, I began producing relaxation and meditation CDs and mp3s on GooglePlay, But now it's time to lie on the beach of a tropical island and plot a new novel.

I love life!

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