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Flux by Mark R Faulkner


by Mark R Faulkner

Iain is looking forward to the weekend when a number nineteen bus shatters his body, but broken bones are the least of his worries.

In this disturbing yet darkly funny novel, Iain's near death experience is not a vision of exquisite godliness with light at the end of a tunnel. Instead he experiences a place of darkness and heat, inhabited by foul creatures, the sounds of suffering and a beast.

During a long recovery Iain becomes plagued by nightmares and premonitions, shadowy apparitions, a magpie, and a vile old man. They all have a message, that something wants Iain and it won't give up easily.

Iain's friends do their best to cheer him up in the best ways...

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Mark R Faulkner

Author of horror and dark fiction

I'm a thirty something year old from Birmingham in the UK. I lives with my partner in suburbia where at weekends we're joined by my two children. I have a degree in environmental science and when not writing I work very long hours in waste management.

As well as writing, and obviously reading, I love being outdoors, in any wild place I can find; canoeing, camping and walking. Oh, and I do a good line in homemade country wines.

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