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Shayne Parkinson

Historial novels set in New Zealand

I write historical novels set in New Zealand, starting in the 1880s. My sixth book, "After the Roses", covers the years from 1918 to 1923. I'm fascinated by social history, particularly that of my own country.

I was born in New Zealand, and apart from two years in England have lived here all my life. I'm married to my childhood sweetheart, who grew up in the farming valley that's the inspiration for my imaginary one.

We have a few acres in the countryside, where...

Latest Drabble

The Letter

He stared at the piece of paper clutched in his hand, and the earth seemed to shift beneath his feet. For more years than he could remember, he had taken this one thing for granted as a constant, unchanging fact of life. Events might shake the world; governments might fall; his job might change beyond all recognition; but not this. Surely this could be trusted, a steady beacon amidst the chaos. Perhaps he had misunderstood. He fumbled for his reading glasses, perched them on his nose, and read the words once more: “From next month your bin day is changing…”

Sentence of...

Sentence of Marriage (Promises to Keep Book 1) was featured in the daily newsletter.

Shayne Parkinson likes the drabble
28.04.2017 20:55

Shayne Parkinson likes the drabble Hair Care by Kath Middleton.

Sentence of...

Sentence of Marriage (Promises to Keep Book 1) was featured in the daily newsletter.