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British Author of Humorous and Psychological Fiction For Children and Adults

Rosen was born in Cornwall and grew up on Restronguet Creek. She studied Experimental Psychology at St Catherine's College, Oxford, before moving back to the West Country. She now lives in Falmouth with two imaginary cats, fantasising about getting a real one.

In 2011 Rosen was an aspiring author. Writing was a hobby. The following January sales of her Kindle books took off. Her total download count is now approaching quarter of a million.

Rosen has a variety of books in print...

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Latest Drabble

The Bureau

“I’ve had to wait for three hours in this waiting room, next to a woman who, frankly, smells as though she hasn’t washed for a week. “Furthermore, why are you blind? You’re a receptionist, for goodness sake. What kind of organisation makes somebody who can’t see the first point of contact? “Don’t get me started on the parking. I had to walk half a mile just to get here. Half a mile, only to sit in a room with paint peeling off the walls.” “Sir, please remember that we’re a charity, run by volunteers.” “You served me on time yesterday.”


Ken Magee
Jonathan Hill
Alex Roddie
Bryan Thomas


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My Babysitter is...

My Babysitter is a Troll (Smelly Trolls Junior) was featured in the daily newsletter.

No Shades of...

No Shades of Grey was featured in the daily newsletter.

The Troll Trap...

The Troll Trap (Smelly Trolls Book 1) was featured in the daily newsletter.

Chocolate Making...

Chocolate Making Adventures was featured in the daily newsletter.


Pompomberry House was featured in the daily newsletter.

Posted in the thread
30.11.2016 11:00

Posted in the thread Latest review on Amazon

Thanks for posting. This isn't a terribly helpful post. For example, what book does it relate to, please?

Posted in the thread
24.11.2016 10:45

Posted in the thread Original Publication date your program pulled is incorrect

Are you American?

Posted in the thread
04.11.2016 12:59

Posted in the thread Deep Spiral Promo Postponement

Just looking into this.

It looks as though we tried to feature it today, but our robot stopped it getting through, presumably because the price wasn't as expected.

Please resubmit your book with the new dates.

Posted in the thread
01.11.2016 12:27

Posted in the thread Banned for marking email as spam

If you find yourself unable to log into and you get the message 'You have been banned for marking one of our emails as spam', this means that we received a report from your mail provider, that you used the 'mark as spam' button...

Posted in the thread
01.11.2016 12:17

Posted in the thread How many books can you name with clowns in them?

Quick quiz:

How many books can you name with clowns in them?

Posted in the thread
31.10.2016 10:24

Posted in the thread profile update not quite working

Is your profile visible and looking as you'd expect now, please?

Posted in the thread
30.10.2016 10:28

Posted in the thread profile update not quite working

Eek! It's started doing that for me, too! One moment, please...

Posted in the thread
29.10.2016 12:26

Posted in the thread profile update not quite working

Please can you try to edit your profile again and let me know how it goes?

Posted in the thread
23.10.2016 13:11

Posted in the thread A note on rudeness

Over the last few months we've seen an increasing number of rude emails. Typically, these are from authors who feel their book deserved to be featured, but wasn't.

Whilst we welcome constructive feedback, we don't welcome swearing, being...

Posted in the thread
22.10.2016 10:49

Posted in the thread profile update not quite working

Just a quick note to let you know I've read this, and will take a look at the next opportunity - probably after the weekend.

Posted in the thread
20.10.2016 10:56

Posted in the thread Welcome

I published a full statement about ending the review exchange area.

We've started featuring books in our daily deals that have very low numbers of reviews. That is the middle ground.

Posted in the thread
11.10.2016 11:15

Posted in the thread Most popular genres on

You're quite right to point out that a broad genre has more chance of reaching the top than a narrower genre. Crime, thrillers and mystery isn't the only whopping genre. Children's fiction encompass more, and that's not very popular at all...

Posted in the thread
08.10.2016 11:47

Posted in the thread Most popular genres on

People often ask me whether it's worth featuring their genre fiction in our newsletter. For most genres, the answer is yes, as we have a large mailing list consisting of people with versatile tastes. Crime, thrillers, mystery and romance books...

Posted in the thread
05.10.2016 16:56

Posted in the thread September 2016 Reports

The September figures are in!

Below are lists of the most popular books featured in our daily picks, from Septmeber 2016.

Above 99p


Posted in the thread
05.10.2016 09:11

Posted in the thread We've closed our reviews copy section - here's why, and what you can do about it

Amazon had changed their terms and conditions to ban incentivised reviews. Although Amazon state this doesn't apply to 'the age-old practice of providing advance review copies of books', most of the books offered for review were not advanced...

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