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Rosen Trevithick

British Author of Humorous and Psychological Fiction For Children and Adults

Rosen was born in Cornwall and grew up on Restronguet Creek. She studied Experimental Psychology at St Catherine's College, Oxford, before moving back to the West Country. She now lives in Falmouth with two imaginary cats, fantasising about getting a real one.

In 2011 Rosen was an aspiring author. Writing was a hobby. The following January sales of her Kindle books took off. Her total download count is now approaching quarter of a million.

Rosen has a variety of books in print...

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Latest Drabble

The Bureau

“I’ve had to wait for three hours in this waiting room, next to a woman who, frankly, smells as though she hasn’t washed for a week. “Furthermore, why are you blind? You’re a receptionist, for goodness sake. What kind of organisation makes somebody who can’t see the first point of contact? “Don’t get me started on the parking. I had to walk half a mile just to get here. Half a mile, only to sit in a room with paint peeling off the walls.” “Sir, please remember that we’re a charity, run by volunteers.” “You served me on time yesterday.”


David Hadley
Alex Roddie
L K Jay
France .


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Posted in the thread
20.03.2017 16:11

Posted in the thread Memoir Submissions Now Permitted Without Invitations

For a number of years, our policy has been not to accept non-fiction submissions.

There are two reasons for this:

1. The potential for harm if non-fiction contains mistakes is greater than for fiction.

2. When we set the...


Pompomberry House was featured in the daily newsletter.

Posted in the thread
05.03.2017 10:56

Posted in the thread Link for Kobo Site

Eek! That IS a blunder. All fixed. Sorry about that, and thanks for letting us know.

Posted in the thread
01.03.2017 09:48

Posted in the thread What features would you like to see added to this forum?

This forum is very basic at the moment. What features would you like to see added?

Posted in the thread
27.02.2017 10:18

Posted in the thread Inactive buttons

Hmm. That's frustrating. I'll try and dig out an iPad so that I can test. It's fine on my Android.

In the meantime, is there a particular page you'd like to access? I'll post a direct link.

Posted in the thread
26.02.2017 19:10

Posted in the thread Welcome

No problem. Each daily newsletter begins with a link to change your preferences.

Posted in the thread
26.02.2017 19:09

Posted in the thread Inactive buttons

Hmm, that does sound like a problem.

What device are you using, please?

Posted in the thread
19.02.2017 12:49

Posted in the thread Links Don't Work Correctly!

Possibly not. There are a few bugs I need to fix.

Posted in the thread
18.02.2017 09:44

Posted in the thread Links Don't Work Correctly!

Thank you for reporting this.

I've put looking into it on my 'to do' list. Sorry that I can't reply right away.

Posted in the thread
11.02.2017 11:42

Posted in the thread verification

Sorry to hear that. I'll look into it for you. Was there no link?

Posted in the thread
26.01.2017 10:54

Posted in the thread Nonfiction

Thanks for letting me know. There's no need to delete it.

Posted in the thread
26.01.2017 10:51

Posted in the thread Missing punch line

I do apologise. I'm not sure how that happened, as I remember reading that line just before selecting it for inclusion. It's now been fixed.

Posted in the thread
26.01.2017 10:46

Posted in the thread Links Don't Work Correctly!

Yes, there is definitely somebody managing this site.

'Edit' sometimes displays because the same form is used whether changes are made or not.

I will look into the other issues. It may take a few days, I'm afraid, as I have other...

Posted in the thread
18.01.2017 10:59

Posted in the thread Getting a book noticed


Here's our wiki article on ways to promote a book.

Posted in the thread
29.12.2016 12:13

Posted in the thread Why can't you submit a book without an editor?

Thank you for your question.

It's really tough deciding what goes into the newsletter and what doesn't and we understand your frustration.

Our goal is to get people who download books to sign up to the newsletter and stay active...

Seesaw - Volume...

Seesaw - Volume 1 was featured in the daily newsletter.

My Granny Writes...

My Granny Writes Erotica (The Original Quickie) was featured in the daily newsletter.

Posted in the thread
22.12.2016 10:22

Posted in the thread Confused

It's a comment on the year we've had, presumably the political changes and perhaps some of the celebrity deaths, too. David's likening '2016' to a swearword.

The Ice...

The Ice Marathon was featured in the daily newsletter.

My Babysitter is...

My Babysitter is a Troll (Smelly Trolls Junior) was featured in the daily newsletter.

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