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Richard Martinus


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Richard Martinus is of Welsh and Dutch descent, currently based in Yorkshire, UK. He has been known to write the odd humorous contemporary fantasy e-novel.

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Earlier this morning I was brought face to face with the realisation that I am now, well, truly and irrevocably, a mother. I somehow never imagined this could happen to me. I may be in my mid-thirties, but in my heart I’m still a confident, carefree eleven-year-old. Giving birth to two sons didn’t result in this epiphany; neither did breastfeeding, nappy changing or getting up countless times during the night because one or other of my darling ones claimed he couldn’t sleep. No, what truly brought it home was when I heard myself shouting: “I don’t care who started it!”

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21.12.2016 14:51

Posted in the thread Coprolalia

I suspect the author doesn't think much of the year that has almost passed.