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Mary Clarice Griffiths-Lansdown


I'm an avid reader and frustrated wannabe writer mother of 5 from Southampton.

Married for over 7 years to Paul, he has two kids living in Bristol, We met when I visited his hometown to buy a small side table.

Our ever growing family also consists of 12 gorgeous grandchildren between us, with another two on the way!.

Sadly I can't work any more due to Fibromyalgia and motobility issues. I'd love to try pursuing my childhood dream of creative writing.

Latest Drabble

The Great Escape

Motionless I crouch behind my sofa, holding my breath as the banging on my door continues. My body tenses, I picture their eyes squinting through my letterbox, trying to penetrate the darkness beyond, honed to detect any sound or movement. They are trying to track me down! I give silent thanks that I remembered to turn off my phone, lock the back door, draw my curtains against prying eyes. I had a hunch they would come. Relief engulfs me as I hear their footsteps retreating. I dearly love my family, but why do they only visit when Corrie is starting!