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Recent Drabbles - Page 2


I felt like the only one who believed. When the comet passed, astronomers said it was one in a million, but I knew.

She was strong; a voice in the crowd that everyone heard. She was bold, kind and outspoken. She preached love and was intolerant of bigotry and violence.

And when She claimed that She was the son of God returned, as promised, She was hounded, derided and persecuted.

And when they finally killed Her, I knew. I knew that God had returned because He gave us our free will, and with it we denounced His most precious gift.

G J Reilly Merits

11 most prolific5 most esteemed


Ha, any muppet can string a hundred words together and make some sort of sense. It’s not what I’d call art, not by a long shot. Where’s the pathos, the bathos, the subtle play of literary light and shade? All you have to do is start writing and keep going until you’ve filled the gap. With a decent word processing package you don’t even need to be numerate; the technology will count the chuffing words for you.

We need more three-volume novels, that’s what we need, each volume four hundred pages of densely packed prose, drabbles are just too

Jim Webster Merits

15 most prolific10 most esteemed18 top drabblist

Tricky Ending

He’d been slavishly working on his first book for months now. Every spare moment he got out of work, he was tapping away on his laptop. The story he had ended up with was a long way from the one he had set out to produce, but the ending to the story was impossibly hard to write.

He put the laptop down on the banister to close the door behind him, and then turned and watched in horror as he knocked it off and saw it bounce down the stairs.

Definitely not the ending he was looking for at all.

Kev Neylon Merits

9 most prolific4 most esteemed

I Didn't Do It

That positronic cannon blast had been too close for comfort. He knew he could smell singed metal as he breathed.

He’d no idea what the LEO cruiser had fired upon him for. As far as he knew he’d broken no laws, and there were no intergalactic warrants out against him.

His ship dropped like a stone after being fired upon and landed hard, almost wedged between two buildings. He scrambled out the back of his craft and saw the problem. Someone had scrawled the treasonous words ‘Kill the Emperor’ across the tail.

The LEO cruiser didn’t miss a second time.

Kev Neylon Merits

9 most prolific4 most esteemed

On Reflection

Sara leaned closer, raising an eyebrow at her reflection in the cheval mirror. There was something decidedly off about her complexion this morning and her hair appeared shorter.

Sara blinked her right eye, then her left, licked her lips and blew a soft whistle. Raising her right arm, she stretched to the ceiling. Letting it drop, she did the same with her left.

"Enough of this messing about, let's get moving," stated her identical twin from the other side of the empty mirror frame, "and whilst we're out, let's get a new piece of glass for this stupid old mirror!”

Office Furniture

She’d sat still for too long. She tried to pick her arms off the desk only to find they wouldn’t move. It wasn’t just a case of her skin sticking to the wood, her arms were actually embedded and intertwined with the desk.

She tried wrenching her arms away by standing up, only to find she couldn’t stand either. Her thighs and buttocks had become one with the seat, and her skirt appeared to be sewn into the fabric of the office chair.

She looked around for help, but everyone else was the same. The office had assimilated them all.

Kev Neylon Merits

9 most prolific4 most esteemed

Dealing with Apartheid

“You’re looking very happy.”

“Yeah, I’m still elated that apartheid has ended.”

“Everybody is.”

“But I’m particularly pleased because I never knew where I was meant to sit.”

“I know what you mean, nobody really thought about how apartheid was going to affect us zebras.”

“Anyway, they’ve changed the system so now nobody cares if you’re black or if you’re white, apparently everybody’s to be considered grey.”

“That’s all well and good but I’ve been told that there’re fifty shades of grey.”


“Well, it seems that all the light greys have to sit at the back of the bus.”

Ken Magee Merits

8 most prolific3 most esteemed4 top drabble9 top drabblist


Since moving house he had noticed that he had been going to the local church more and more than at any point in his life since his teenage years, when he had drifted away, no longer believing in God, thinking history and science were the much more likely outcomes.

Yet in the last couple of years, he had found himself in the local church on a regular basis, and there were always lots of people there.

Borough council, county council, general elections, referendums, police commissionaires… there were always lots of reasons to nip into the local church and vote nowadays.

Kev Neylon Merits

9 most prolific4 most esteemed


I’ll tell you from the off that I’m a thief. You can’t say I’m dishonest.

Look, it’s a hobby of mine. Just like you might get a kick out of watching football, or going to the cinema, or philately. (What? Just because I’m a thief, it doesn’t mean I don’t know words.)

I’m stealing from you right now. You, dear reader, are my victim. Come on, how many criminals are as honourable as I?

Yeah, so it’s a hobby, a pastime, and it kind of turns me on too, knowing that I’m stealing your time as you read something inconsequential.

Jonathan Hill Merits

5 most prolific2 most esteemed1 top drabble8 top drabblist

I Spy A Spider

He had woken up that morning and could see something out of the corner of his eye. When he tried to concentrate on what it was, it seemed to move out of focus and slip away from him.

It seemed like it was the legs of a spider, slowing moving its legs around, and it felt itchy as hell. He had rubbed his eyes, but it seemed to have split the vision up and there was now more in the corner of his eye.

He looked in the mirror and saw the problem. There WAS a spider in his eye.

Kev Neylon Merits

9 most prolific4 most esteemed

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