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Car Crash

It was inevitable that the two cars would eventually collide, with two hotheads in charge.

Both of them were fuming, shouting and bawling at each other.

"Look what you have done to my door!" yelled one.

"You should have seen me coming!" the other replied.

So it went on until soon both of them were red in the face. Neither of them would back down. Realising that this argument was going nowhere, they decided to ask a lady who had seen what had happened.

"Does it really matter?" said Mum. "They are only Dinky cars from the second-hand shop."

The Great Escape

Motionless I crouch behind my sofa, holding my breath as the banging on my door continues.

My body tenses, I picture their eyes squinting through my letterbox, trying to penetrate the darkness beyond, honed to detect any sound or movement.

They are trying to track me down!

I give silent thanks that I remembered to turn off my phone, lock the back door, draw my curtains against prying eyes.

I had a hunch they would come.

Relief engulfs me as I hear their footsteps retreating.

I dearly love my family, but why do they only visit when Corrie is starting!

Play It Again, Sam

“I loved going to the pictures when I was a lass,” Aunt Myrtle reminisced. “They knew how to make them in those days, though the technology wasn’t too great. I remember seeing one picture – I can’t remember its name – when the projector broke down five minutes before the end. The manager decided this wasn’t enough to give everyone a refund, so he sent an usherette out to tell us all the ending. The poor girl had to stand in front of an auditorium full of people and announce: ‘She flies away with her husband and he joins the French resistance.’”

Richard Martinus Merits

19 most prolific7 most esteemed6 top drabble5 top drabblist

The Strangest Jam

Shy little Amy spent every morning at her neighbours, while her mum went to work. She arrived early, in time for breakfast with Mr and Mrs Davies. The table was full with a variety of appetizing food, including the peculiar jam with the most horrendous taste, which on one occasion Amy had virtually swallowed whole to rid her mouth of its bitterness.

Now every morning she would just stare at the strange golden jar.

When her mother asked if she enjoyed herself at her neighbours’ house, Amy said, “Yes, but there’s matchsticks in their jam, which makes it taste awful.”

Bright Dreams

He was having that dream again, strapped to the table, bright white light flooding the room. There were others, similarly strapped to tables to his right, there was nothing to his left except bright whiteness. There wasn’t any source for the light, it just seemed to explode out of every surface.

The masked man in the white lab coat was suddenly hovering over him, needle in hand, which he plunged into his leg.

As normal he woke up screaming.

He opened his eyes, and the bright light flooded in, strapped to the table.

The scream was for real this time.

Kev Neylon Merits

9 most prolific4 most esteemed


It was busy in the town centre market and it was becoming increasingly more difficult to fight our way through the crowds. It was almost impossible to get close to any of the stalls and if we did manage that, then anything we had our eye on was quickly snatched up by another customer who just happened to get in there first.

It was so frustrating and the heat from the sun overhead was unbearable, making us wear our angry faces.

A man held out a leaflet to us and Rob said angrily “No thanks, just throw it away yourself."

I Have A Drabble To Write

The sun shines brightly in through the window; the fresh scent of grass comes in via the open door. I can see the sycamore hedge waving as the breeze catches it.

Outside is a Border Collie who is tapping her watch and muttering, ‘A good afternoon is going to waste.’ Temptation whispers, ‘Do it tomorrow, it might be raining then.’

Grimly I glare at the screen, I’ve started, so I’ll finish. Conscience whispers, ‘Sheep need checking, until shearing they can get stuck on their backs and crows will take their eyes.’ Click save, whistle the dog, I’m out of here.

Jim Webster Merits

15 most prolific10 most esteemed18 top drabblist

Sacrificial Payment

Four hooded figures lay around a circle, carved into the stone ground.

Beginning his chant, he could feel ancient energy flooding the small space with a metallic rattle.

The fifth was suspended from the ceiling. He would direct it down to the others. Then from their blood it would be his.

The rattling became a booming as daylight flooded in, extinguishing the candles.

"...for auction at... wha‘tha’hell?!"

He knew then that he should've paid the rent on his storage unit lair.

But sacrificial grounds aren’t cheap. And he assumed he'd have ancient power before anyone came for a late payment.

The Book

Louise finished her book and flicked though the list on her Kindle. She could never resist the price drops and freebies. Scrolling through her To Be Read list, she wondered why on earth she’d fancied some of them. This one looked reasonable. The Last Book You’ll Ever Read. From the blurb it was crime, which was her favourite genre.

Louise opened the book and began to read. She couldn’t put it down. Literally. The words entered her eyes and evaporated from her brain, trapping her in a cycle. It really was her Last Book. She could never stop reading it.

Kath Middleton Merits

3 most prolific1 most esteemed7 top drabble19 top drabblist

No Work Today

She had managed to avoid doing any work so far today, and there was only just over an hour to get through before she could rack up another work-free day.

She had browsed various websites looking for that dress she wanted for the office party, but hadn’t found what she wanted.

She had been on her phone, took some photos and put some inappropriate comments on Twitter and Facebook.

She was preparing for an hour of opening and closing random documents on her PC when her manager called her into the office.

“About this report on your internet history.”

Kev Neylon Merits

9 most prolific4 most esteemed

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