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Offers from War

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Bargain Book
Operation Mincemeat by Ben Macintyre

Operation Mincemeat

by Ben Macintyre

One April morning in 1943, a sardine fisherman spotted the corpse of a British soldier floating in the sea off the coast of Spain and set in train a course of events that would change the course of the Second World War.

Operation Mincemeat was the most successful wartime deception ever attempted, and certainly the strangest. It hoodwinked the Nazi espionage chiefs, sent German troops hurtling in the wrong direction, and saved thousands of lives by deploying a secret agent who was...


(Last checked : 23/03/2017 12:13)

Bargain Book
Finisterre (Wars Within) by Graham Hurley

(Wars Within)

by Graham Hurley

Germany, September 1944: Dozens of cities lie in ruins. Enemy armies are at the gates. For the Thousand Year Reich, time is running out. Desperate to avoid the humiliation of unconditional surrender, German intelligence launch Operation Finisterre – a last-ditch plan to enable Hitler to deny the savage logic of a war on two fronts and bluff his way to the negotiating table.

Success depends on two individuals: Stefan Portisch, a...

(Last checked : 21/03/2017 10:17)

Bargain Book
An Invitation to Hitler by Bernard Neeson

An Invitation to Hitler

by Bernard Neeson

Summer 1940:

Britain stands alone; facing the German army across the English Channel. In London, Winston Churchill, is determined to continue the fight. But not all in the Cabinet share his resolve. Some of his colleagues believe there is no alternative but to seek a deal with the Nazis.

Then someone sends An Invitation to Hitler. Is there a traitor in the Cabinet?


(Last checked : 20/03/2017 09:47)

Bargain Book
Galdir (Roman Empire Series Book 1) by Fredrik Nath

(Roman Empire Series Book 1)

by Fredrik Nath

Three seemingly unrelated events collide to change the course of history: A Roman slave with a serpent tattoo uncovers his true barbarian identity... A battle for power among Frankish warlords leads to a mass exodus across the Rhine... All the while, Marcus Aurelius' Roman army pushes further north, changing everything.

In the background, the ageing witch Chlotsuintha predicts it all. Or is she the one pulling the strings to shape her people's future?

When Sextus escapes...


(Last checked : 20/03/2017 09:48)

Bargain Book
Sniper One by Dan Mills

Sniper One

by Dan Mills

The Blistering True Story of a British Battle Group Under Siege.

We all saw it at once. Half a dozen voices screamed 'Grenade!' simultaneously. Then everything went into slow motion. The grenade took an age to travel through its 20 metre arc. A dark, small oval-shaped...

(Last checked : 18/03/2017 11:22)

Bargain Book
Wolf's Head (The Forest Lord Book 1) by Steven A. McKay

Wolf's Head
(The Forest Lord Book 1)

by Steven A. McKay

Glyn Iliffe, author, The Adventures of Odysseus series

When a frightened young outlaw joins a gang of violent criminals their names – against a backdrop of death, dishonour, brotherhood, and love – will become legend.


After viciously assaulting a corrupt but powerful clergyman Robin Hood flees the only home he has ever known in Wakefield, Yorkshire. Becoming a member of a notorious band of outlaws, Hood...


(Last checked : 18/03/2017 11:21)

Expired Offer
The Best of Our Spies by Alex Gerlis

The Best of Our Spies

by Alex Gerlis

France, July 1944: a month after the Allied landings in Normandy and the liberation of Europe is underway. In the Pas de Calais, Nathalie Mercier, a young British Special Operations Executive secret agent working with the French Resistance, disappears. In London, her husband Owen Quinn, an officer with Royal Navy Intelligence, discovers the truth about her role in the Allies’ sophisticated deception at the heart of D-Day. Appalled but determined, Quinn sets off on a perilous hunt...

Offer Expired: £1.99

(Last checked : )

Expired Offer
Marius' Mules I: The Invasion of Gaul by S.J.A. Turney

Marius' Mules I: The Invasion of Gaul

by S.J.A. Turney

It is 58 BC and the mighty Tenth Legion, camped in Northern Italy, prepare for the arrival of the most notorious general in Roman history: Julius Caesar.

Marcus Falerius Fronto, commander of the Tenth is a career soldier and long-time companion of Caesar's. Despite his desire for the simplicity of the military life, he cannot help but be drawn into intrigue and politics as Caesar engineers a motive to invade the lands of Gaul.

Fronto is about to discover that politics can be as...

Offer Expired: 99p

(Last checked : )

Expired Offer
Thunder at Dawn by Alan Evans

Thunder at Dawn

by Orson Card

Thunder At Dawn is an edge-of-the-seat WWI naval adventure that combines thrilling story-telling with meticulous research.

The year is 1917.

After three years, the outcome of the Great War is poised on a knife-edge.

One man believes he can make a difference.

David Cochrane Smith, captain of the armoured cruiser HMS Thunder, patrols the coast of South America.

Battered and bruised, Smith faces his greatest challenge yet.

Offer Expired: 99p

(Last checked : )

Expired Offer
Bicycles and Blackberries by Sheila Newberry

Bicycles and Blackberries

by Sheila Newberry

The East End, 1939.

When war comes to London, the bright and irrepressible Georgia Smith is torn from her tight-knit family and packed off as an evacuee.She moves in with Phoebe Bliss, whose cheerful smile masks a dark past that ten year-old Georgia couldn't possibly understand.Georgia soon finds herself involved in the small town's complicated love lives. But some secrets aren't meant for little girls, and she finds herself in danger.Can a good heart keep a mischievous...

Offer Expired: 99p

(Last checked : )

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