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Duallists by David Wailing


by David Wailing


One hundred years in the future, enormous mining vessels scour the surface of the Moon, prospecting for valuable metals and minerals. Trapped onboard for months at a time, the crew use drugs, virtual environments, gambling and pitfights to make life bearable.

Joel Miller doesn’t need any of those things. He has a new reason to live.

An enemy.


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Bargain Book
The Girlfriend by Michelle Frances

The Girlfriend

by Michelle Frances

A girl. A boy. His mother. And the lie she'll wish she'd never told.

The Girlfriend by Michelle Frances is a gripping and chilling debut psychological thriller, based on the fall-out following an unforgiveable lie. It looks at the potentially charged relationship between girlfriend, boyfriend and his mother, which most women can identify with, and locates it in an extreme but believable setting.

Laura has it all. A successful career, a long marriage to a rich husband, and a...


(Last checked : 29/04/2017 11:22)

Bargain Book
First Case (Mcryan Series Prequel) by Roger Stelljes

First Case
(Mcryan Series Prequel)

by Roger Stelljes

A prestigious job at a top law firm, a beautiful home, and a gorgeous wife all made for an ideal life. But then life gets in the way and changes the course you have selected. For Michael McKenzie "Mac" McRyan, a family tragedy meant forgoing a lucrative legal career for one in the "family business" - the St. Paul Police Department. After four years as a cop, the ruggedly handsome Mac crosses the crime scene tape for the first time as a homicide detective. The back...


(Last checked : 29/04/2017 11:53)

Bargain Book
Pretending to Dance by Diane Chamberlain

Pretending to Dance

by Diane Chamberlain

When the pretending ends, the lying begins . . . Molly Arnette is good at keeping secrets. As she and her husband try to adopt a baby, she worries that the truth she's kept hidden about her North Carolina childhood will rise to the surface and destroy not only her chance at adoption, but her marriage as well. Molly ran away from her family twenty years ago after a shocking event left her devastated and distrustful of those she loved. Now, as she tries to find a way to make peace with...

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(Last checked : 19/11/2016 09:39)

Bargain Book
The Silver Pigs: (Falco 1) by Lindsey Davis

The Silver Pigs:
(Falco 1)

by Lindsey Davis

In 1989 THE SILVER PIGS introduced the world to laid-back first-century detective Marcus Didius Falco, his partner Helena Justina, his law and order pal Petronius, and his indomitable Mother - who became some of the most celebrated characters in historical fiction.

Now reissued in a special new edition to celebrate publication of Falco's twentieth investigation, THE SILVER PIGS sees Falco cynically eyeing up the new Roman emperor, Vespasian. Our hero, a private informer, rescues...

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(Last checked : 28/04/2017 11:27)

Bargain Book
Let Loose The Dogs by Maureen Jennings

Let Loose The Dogs

by Maureen Jennings

Toronto, December 1895. Detective William Murdoch takes on the most personal case of his career when his estranged father, in prison awaiting execution for murder, calls on his son to investigate the real circumstances of the case and prove his innocence. Meanwhile, Murdoch's sister, who long ago fled to a convent to escape their abusive father, is on her deathbed, and has been harbouring a secret from their childhood. As Murdoch questions...

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(Last checked : 28/04/2017 11:26)

Bargain Book
It's Killing Jerry by Sharn Hutton

It's Killing Jerry

by Sharn Hutton

Fantasist, push-over and all-round crap father: Jeremy Adler’s an inspiration. For scandal, treachery and blackmail.

Fleeced by his ex-wife, oppressed by a narcissist boss and ridden over rough-shod by a two month old infant, Jerry might have thought he’d been keeping the peace but, the tide of resentment is turning against him and featuring on the late evening news as: missing, presumed murdered, is only the beginning.


(Last checked : 28/04/2017 11:32)

Bargain Book
Kill Plan (Ingrid Skyberg FBI - Book 2) by Eva Hudson

Kill Plan
(Ingrid Skyberg FBI - Book 2)

by Eva Hudson

A young American trader is found fatally poisoned in his office in the City of London. Two days later, a Latvian immigrant is discovered floating face down in the River Thames, brutally murdered. When Special Agent Ingrid Skyberg, the FBI's criminal investigator in London, starts to dig, she uncovers an unlikely link between these two cases via the murder of a congresswoman in Savannah, Georgia.

In the course of her investigations, Ingrid puts her own safety at greater risk than...

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(Last checked : 15/10/2016 12:56)

Bargain Book
The Girl in the Red Coat by Kate Hamer

The Girl in the Red Coat

by Kate Hamer

She is the missing girl. But she doesn't know she's lost.

Carmel Wakeford becomes separated from her mother at a local children's festival, and is found by a man who claims to be her estranged grandfather. He tells her that her mother has had an accident and that she is to live with him for now. As days become weeks with her new family, 8-year-old Carmel realises that this man believes she has a special gift...

While her mother desperately tries to find her, Carmel...

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(Last checked : 12/03/2017 13:06)

Bargain Book
The Mermaids Singing (Tony Hill Book 1) by Val McDermid

The Mermaids Singing
(Tony Hill Book 1)

by Val McDermid

The Gold Dagger award-winning serial killer thriller that began the Number One bestselling crime series featuring clinical psychologist Dr Tony Hill, hero of TV’s much-loved Wire in the Blood.

You always remember the first time. Isn’t that what they say about sex? How much more true it is of murder…

Up till now, the only serial killers Tony Hill had encountered were safely behind bars. This one’s different – this one’s on the loose.

Four men have been found...

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(Last checked : 27/04/2017 12:17)

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Page 1 of 232 (2312 results)