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Bargain Book
Little Girl Gone by Alexandra Burt

Little Girl Gone

by Alexandra Burt

A baby goes missing. But does her mother want her back?

When Estelle’s baby daughter is taken from her cot, she doesn’t report her missing. Days later, Estelle is found in a wrecked car, with a wound to her head and no memory.

Estelle knows she holds the key to...

(Last checked : 27/07/2017 10:50)

Bargain Book
Back to Black (The Black Series) by Steven Bannister

Back to Black
(The Black Series)

by Steven Bannister

A new threat awakens deep under London and The Game is on again....

Young Detective Chief Inspector Allie St Clair has been through the wringer. Her life has been up-ended and she is exhausted after investigating a series of brutal murders in London and at mystical Glastonbury Tor.

She has confronted bone fide evil and has had to accept that she and her family are connected to a world few can imagine.

But now an ancient God is renewed and he has powerful, utterly ruthless...


(Last checked : 27/07/2017 10:54)

Bargain Book
The House of Susan Lulham (Merrily Watkins) by Phil Rickman

The House of Susan Lulham
(Merrily Watkins)

by Phil Rickman

The angular, modernist house was an unexpected bargain for Zoe and Jonathan Mahonie - newcomers to the city of Hereford and apparently unaware that the house's pristine, white interior walls had been coated with the lifeblood of a previous owner.

How is Merrily Watkins, diocesan exorcist for Hereford, to know if Zoe Mahonie is lying or deluded when she claims that the wrathful Susan Lulham is still in residence?

Then comes another bloody death.

Who is the real killer?

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(Last checked : 20/09/2016 11:15)

Bargain Book
Martyr (John Shakespeare 1) by Rory Clements

(John Shakespeare 1)

by Rory Clements

England is close to war. Within days the axe could fall on the neck of Mary Queen of Scots, and Spain is already gathering a battle fleet to avenge her.

Tensions in Elizabeth I's government are at breaking point. At the eye of the storm is John Shakespeare, chief intelligencer in the secret service of Sir Francis Walsingham. When an intercept reveals a plot to assassinate England's 'sea dragon', Francis Drake, Shakespeare is ordered to protect him. With Drake on land...

(Last checked : 26/07/2017 11:29)

Bargain Book
Dead Lost by Helen H. Durrant

Dead Lost

by Helen H. Durrant

An abandoned cotton mill holds horrific secrets

Police partners, D.I. Calladine and D.S. Ruth Bayliss face one of their toughest challenges yet. A group of homeless people have set up camp in the grounds of a disused cotton mill belonging to local businessman Damien Chase.

But one of the men is not what he seems. He has a secret he will do anything...


(Last checked : 25/07/2017 11:23)

Bargain Book
Twilight Eyes by Dean Koontz

Twilight Eyes

by Dean Koontz

Slim MacKenzie knows what they are, what they do - and how they hide in human form. He is blessed - or cursed - by twilight eyes. He can see the diabolical others through their innocent human disguise. He's already killed one of them.

And he'll kill again...

But even the grave won't hold them...

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(Last checked : 25/12/2016 09:31)

Bargain Book
Somewhere to Hide (The Estate Series Book 1) by

Somewhere to Hide
(The Estate Series Book 1)

by Mel Sherratt

Cath Mason has learned to be tough. The things she’s seen growing up on the Mitchell Estate, she’s had to be. Yet, even broken and beaten by life at times, she’s still the first person a woman in need of help seeks out.

At Cath’s house, there is safety in numbers as well as a place to hide. No matter what trouble comes to her door, she won’t turn anyone away – because she knows what it’s like to live with secrets and lies.

But now a problem from her past has come...


(Last checked : 24/07/2017 11:31)

Bargain Book
Blue Heaven by C. J. Box

Blue Heaven

by C. J. Box

If twelve-year-old Annie hadn't been angry with her mother, she would never have taken her younger brother William on a secret fishing trip deep into the North Idaho woods and they would never have witnessed the execution nor looked straight into the eyes of the four executioners.

Now they're running for their lives.

They can't go home: the killers know exactly who they are. And where they live. They can't turn to the law: the killers are four respected Los Angeles...

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(Last checked : 26/09/2016 11:07)

Bargain Book
Ward Zero: The dead ward by Linda Huber

Ward Zero: The dead ward

by Linda Huber

Horror swept through her. Had she been buried alive?

On Sarah’s first visit to see her foster mother, Mim, in Brockburn General Hospital, she is sucked into a world that isn’t what it should be.

Someone is lying, someone is stealing. And someone is killing – but who? With a grieving child to take care of, as well as Mim, Sarah has to put family first. She doesn’t see where danger lies – until it’s too late...


(Last checked : 24/07/2017 11:33)

Bargain Book
Amnesia by Beverly Barton


by Beverly Barton

What if, one by one, your exes were being murdered – and all the evidence pointed at you?

Hotshot lawyer Quinn Cortez is infamous for his prowess in the courtroom – and the bedroom. But when his latest conquest – notorious party girl Lulu Vanderley – is found butchered, Cortez becomes the prime suspect.

Suffering paralysing blackouts, and with no memory of his actions at the time of the murder, Cortez must fight to clear his name. Lulu's cousin Annabelle is willing to...

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(Last checked : 25/12/2016 09:31)

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Page 1 of 319 (3185 results)