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Bargain Book
Paper Money by Ken Follett

Paper Money

by Ken Follett

In Paper Money three seemingly unrelated events occur on a single morning in London. An MP wakes up after spending the night with a beautiful young woman. A tycoon meets a leading Bank of England official for breakfast. And an underworld gang boss briefs his crew.

Nothing so far to keep the tabloid editors awake. Until ambitious young reporter Kevin Hart uncovers his first promising link . . .

What he begins to uncover is conspiracy; conspiracy to defraud, whatever the...

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Bargain Book
Young Men Gone West by Rowanna Green

Young Men Gone West

by Rowanna Green

After five years in the USA, ex-Brummy Harry is deserted by his American girlfriend for an enticing job in Vegas. When Beth doesn’t answer her phone, he goes west to find her caught in the middle of a sleazy web woven by their ex-geometry teacher.

Being kidnapped and forced to eat snails is no picnic, but as the net closes, the Mafia and police all want a piece of Harry. Can Beth's kindness lead to his salvation? Not for the fainthearted.


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Bargain Book
Osama by Chris Ryan


by Chris Ryan

The President of the United States knows it. The world knows it. And SAS hero Joe Mansfield knows it. He was on the ground in Pakistan when it happened. He saw Seal Team 6 go in, and he saw them extract with their grisly cargo. He was in the right place at the right time.

Or maybe, the wrong place at the wrong time.Because now, somebody wants Joe dead, and they're willing to do anything to make it happen. His world is violently dismantled. His family is...

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Expired Offer
Escape to Perdition (Prague Thrillers Book 1) by James Silvester

Escape to Perdition
(Prague Thrillers Book 1)

by James Silvester

Love, deception and murder dominate as shadowy organizations battle for power over a nation's future.

Prague 2015. Herbert Biely, aged hero of the Prague Spring, stands on the brink of an historic victory, poised to reunite the Czech and Slovak Republics twenty-six years after the Velvet Revolution. But other parties have their own agendas and plans for the fate of the region. A shadowy collective, masked as an innocuous European Union Institute, will do anything to preserve the...

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Restless by William Boyd


by William Boyd

It is 1939. Eva Delectorskaya is a beautiful 28-year-old Russian émigrée living in Paris. As war breaks out she is recruited for the British Secret Service by Lucas Romer, a mysterious Englishman, and under his tutelage she learns to become the perfect spy, to mask her emotions and trust no one, including those she loves most. Since the war, Eva has carefully rebuilt her life as a typically English wife and mother. But once a spy, always...

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Vendetta (The Maggie Black Case Files Book 1) by Jack McSporran

(The Maggie Black Case Files Book 1)

by Jack McSporran

Venice. The Mafia. A drug deal gone wrong.

When a British covert intelligence agency learns of an impending drug deal between the Venetian mafia and one of the UK’s most notorious importers, agent Maggie Black is sent to stop it.

Under the alias of an American drug lord, Maggie must infiltrate the crime family and stop their product from reaching British soil. A feat that gets more complicated when her colleague and old flame Leon is sent along with her.

Maggie is soon...

Offer Expired: £1.99

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Expired Offer
Dynamite Fishermen by Preston Fleming

Dynamite Fishermen

by Preston Fleming

Beirut, 1982. Conrad Prosser is a skilled Arabist, expert agent handler, and a connoisseur of Beirut’s underground nightlife. But, as his tour of duty at the U.S. Embassy nears its end, his intelligence career is in jeopardy because he has not recruited an agent. Surveying his contacts, Prosser selects an attractive Lebanese doctoral student and her brother for development. At the same time, he holds daily clandestine meetings with...

Offer Expired: Free

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The Suriname Job by Vince Milam

The Suriname Job

by Vince Milam

When a mysterious client asks former Delta Force operator Case Lee to investigate a rebellion in South America, he uncovers an incredible global conspiracy. Welcome to revolution, murder, and behind-the-curtains intrigue. As events unfold, the spies and mercenaries come to a hard realization. You may mess with a lot on this good earth, but you don’t mess with Case Lee.

A murdered wife. A bounty on his head. Case lives an isolated...

Offer Expired: 99p

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Expired Offer
Split Second (King & Maxwell 1) by David Baldacci

Split Second
(King & Maxwell 1)

by David Baldacci

'He was the only one in the room who could see it. His attention stayed there for one beat, two beats, three beats, far too long. Yet who could blame him for not being able to pull his gaze away from that?' When something distracts Secret Agent Sean King for a split second, it costs him his career and presidential candidate Clyde Ritter, his life. But what stole his attention? And why was Ritter shot? Eight years later Michelle Maxwell is on the fast track through the ranks of the...

Offer Expired: 98p

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Expired Offer
Chasing Ivan by Tim Tigner

Chasing Ivan

by Tim Tigner

Rumor has it there’s a Russian you can turn to if you’re very rich, and need dirty deeds done without a trace. The CIA calls him Ivan the Ghost because he’s operated for years without leaving a trail or revealing his face.

Until now.

For the first time in history, Ivan appears to have slipped. The CIA’s new director sets Agent Kyle Achilles on an intercept course, surveilling the daughter of a British...

Offer Expired: Free

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